Sunday, July 11, 2010


I can't say how excited we all are to be moving even Kelsea... "mum I not going to make big messes in the new house I'm gunna pack up my play dough when I finished".

It will be soooo good to move to a mould-free environment especially for the kids. AND a sunnier nicer place. it is BRAND new so no one has even lived there - it will feel like 'our' house - so hopefully we don't get kicked out too soon!

I'm not even bothered by the packing - its kinda fun - and even cleaning is no bother - its just the 'paper' areas, you know where all the old uni stuff is or under/on/around the computer that is a huge massive paper mess that needs sorting and I have kept putting it off for oh about 2 years!! But I'll just have to make a start and DO it! Looking forward to more storage and more room also - hopefully I can finally bring the piano up from mum's (tho it will no doubt get trashed by my little darlings).

EXCITED!!! (we move this week - its come really quickly!!)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

7 seven VII

Whoa what happened to the last 7 years!! Its been 7 years that were long and short, fun and hard, sad and Happy and crazy and did I mention crazy!?! - I guess all in all its been LIFE!!

To Jared love from me xx

{I'd show a pic of us getting married - but have no idea how to make THAT happen - but I can tell you that we looked A LOT younger, thinner, less wrinkly, no big black bags under our eyes and more energy!}

Another Conversation

The following occurred driving home from church today:

Kelsea: "DAD - Eamon's picking his nose!!!!"
Dad and mum : "he he ha ha"
Dad (sarcastically) : "oh, and you NEVER do that!"
Kelsea (loud and proud) : "YES I DO!!"

Poor boy is pretty snotty at the moment....teething AND a cold :(

(Pictures are still old ones as I haven't been able to load up ones on my computer.... :( ...)