Friday, September 28, 2007

New House

Well we have finally moved in to our new place. It is in Devonport and we are really excited to be in our own home finally. Kelsea has her OWN room and we are currently teaching her how to sleep - yet again! there have been lots of screams and tantrums but she is getting there - only woke up up twice last night - but was up at 5:45 am for the day!! But that is ok - i still got to go to sleep all by myself!
ANyway back to the house! THe kitchen is new and it has 3 bedrooms and a fire place. The back yard is all fenced in and large with lawn and lots of rose bushes. There is a HUGE shed/garage that Jared loves!! and a carport also.

The funny thing about moving is that something is bound to go wrong! Well our TV blew up about 2 days after we moved in - much to Jared's horror! (Oh well - he just has to talk to me now:) ) OH! and our move cost us $300 more than we awere anticipating - as a tree collided with the passenger side of the truck.......ahhh!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


yay have pics now - you will haveto scroll down as I have updated some posts!!


Kelsea is blessed to have many cousins!! she has 11 all up and 3 more on the way by next April!It is so wonderful for her to have lots of girl cousins - both our families have lots of boys in fact out of nans 39 grandkids, only 11 are girls! But Kelsea also loves her boy cousins and Jarod and Liam especially love her!! (they all do)! When Kels goes to visit the kiddies Liam is so sweet - he will take off his jumper or dressing gown and drape it over her shoulders or lap and go "there you go kels!!" Liam is 4, Jarod is 6 and Ella is 2. Jarod is such a big brother to her aswell as his own siblings - he is a fantastic help! Ella loves kels - but sometimes she will get upset and go "mine" "ellas" "not for Kels!" But then she makes up for it with hugs and playing with her!! ever goHere are some pics the night before we left Glen Huon
Straight after this photo Kelse fell head first off the couch - ouch!!

Horsing Around!!

There are two fantastic horses at Nanna's house!! Kelsea just loves to rides them, especially the yellow and green one!!

Mum found this rocking horse for $20 at a market in Glenorchy - bargain!! All the grandkids love it!!

Mother's Group

Kelsea and I have been lucky enough to attend a couple of Mother's Group activities with the Mums and kiddies from church (at Devonport). Kelsea loves the other Kids and loves all teh space and toys that are so different to her own! (the poor deprived girl has no bike!!!) These are a few pics that Nicki took of 4 of the girls !!

Starting at bottom left; Oifa (not sure if spelling is right!) and Maddi in conversation. And Kelsea and Azhure having a chat!! How cute! The 3 girls are all very close in age and will all be in Nursery together very soon!!

Notice how all the drink bottles are the same!! sheer coincidence!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Magic Cot

Sounds like a good title for a children's book hey!
But this magic cot lives at Grandma and Grandpa's house! It is clled the magic cot because it has this strange effect on unsttled babies - it puts them to sleep (well occasionlly anyway!)
We first discovered it was magic last summer when Eden and Steph brought Chloe to meet everybody. Prior to the cot she fed every hour or so around the clock. i think the first night in the cot she slept 13 or so hours straight. Not sure that that is still the case wit Chloe! Also The first time We moved in Kelsea slept all night. The reason i bring this up is because for the last two nights Kelsea has slept till about 7 am. she has woken a couple of times - had a bit of a scream then back to sleep. wow this is like amiracle for us!
Kelsea seems happier and so are we!!!

She is so excited to see Jared when he comes home - she looks up and goes "dada!" She is a real comedian.