Saturday, February 2, 2008

Small update - havn't quit blogging!!

Well I am just putting this on here for You lisa!!
I have to figure out a way of puttign my pics on as I lost the cord thingy - and most printers dont' have a memory card thingy on them!
We have been really busy over january - going to the beach, the wildlife park and hanging out with Friends and family. We ahve also started back with our Hey Mum's group - which is fun and also Mums r us church group. IT can get really busy for us durign the day if we go to all the activities - and it feels like we are out most days! I love it when we stay home totally for the whole day - kelsea loves beign home - but she also loves gettign to go out - and brings me her sandles and goes "soos" its so cute!!
kels has jsut the is last week been sayign so many more words - i can even get a please and thankyou out of her (tees and ankou) if I am offering a bikkie or her milk! UNFORTUNATLEY she is sleepign REALLY badly. LAst night was a horror - took me back to 6 months ago when she really didn't sleep at all. But now she also has this massive temper! I say its a Triffitt thing - Jared swears its a Watson thing - he may be right ;) But then I think i have such an easy life full of blessings - I was readign a book my good friend Elissa lent me called Fire of the Covenant - or soemthing like that. it was about the Willie and Martin Handcart companies going across the planes in the middle of a terrible winter. ppl say tassie is cold - but I dont' think it begins to compare to the freezing temps in the US. I have NEVER seen a river or creek frozen over here- maybe the odd puddle or small pond!! It is a wonder that any of them lived to tell teh tale.
So last night she is head butting, slapping scratching us! IT si frustration and she is REALLY itchy from eczema. I thought the "magic cot" at Grandmas might work. no - she is in hysterics!!
Its really ahrd to discipline an 18 month old. I know she understands most of what i say to her - and she often will do something she is not allowed to do - then look at me as if to say what are you going to do about that mum?? Mostly i try not to laugh - oh it fun though hey!

Jared has been flat out at work - he got til new years off - which was really nice. He ahs also been making heaps fo things from scrap wood from work. so far he has made a toy box and book shelf for Kelsea's room. and he has nearly finished a letter box. He is in the process of restorign a rocking horse also.

Well grandma and Grandpa are here now so better go.