Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tomorrow When The War Began

Did you ever read that series by John Marsden? I started it in high school when there were only three books in the series - now there are like 9 or something. I just happened to see somewhere on TV probably that the series is being made into films. The first one comes out in September. I LOVED the books (especially when I was younger) and hope that the movie doesn't disappoint. You can go check it out on YouTube.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Go Kelsea!

8 hours. On her own. In her OWN bed. So FANTASTIC. We really don't remember the last time she slept all night in her bed. She woke once at 10:30pm (after being asleep for 3 hours) very itchy as usual. I had been asleep for an hour. JAred gave her some phenergan - like half a dose (as it usually does nothing much and I didn't want too much in her system) and she eventually fell to sleep. Of course Eamon woke about this time! But Jared gave him a bottle and then, well the night turned into the next day as if by magic! Only I couldn't sleep as I kept waking and having really strange crazy dreams and this morning at about 5:30am I woke for good and so did Eamon - we tried to leave him for a while but it seems that 5:30 is his natural waking time - maybe 6:00 at a stretch. So we had about 6 and a half hours straight in our own bed with NO kids!! This morning Jared said 'wow I almost feel normal!"

On Monday night we made a chart in FHE for Kelsea. it was a "I can sleep in my own bed" chart. I really didnt' think it would work - but the first night she came in I said - 'oh we need to take you back to your bed!" and she agreed. There is an incentive - if she stays in her own bed all night for a week she gets a barbie.... not even sure she remembers that now though as I keep forgetting the stickers and she doesn't seem to mind. So not sure if making her go to her own bed is the reason she eventually slept or sheer exhaustion from 4 years of poor sleeping but I'm not complaining fingers crossed its her new pattern from now on ( had to get her out before the belly gets too big anyway!).

Oh we are LOVING LOVING LOVING it in the new place. This morning I opened the blinds to a summer-like day (no doubt it is chilly out there though) we have views of mountains and a tiny bit of ocean, no neighbours and we can't wait for summer to go to the beach everyday. I'd go now but Eamon heads straight for the water and it is far too freezing for that!