Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Time is here.

Well Christmas time is here again. We Started our season by going and "borrowing" a tree from some plantation. We tried to pick the fullest and nicest shaped pine tree - but they ALWAYS look better BEFORE you cut them down! But we were happy with it.

Kelsea loved getting into the decorations and even helped put some on the tree. With a hand from her daddy!!

This year we are down in Glen Huon for Christmas and it has ben sooooooooooooooooooo wet and cold!!!! FINALLY we finished our Christmas shopping and Mums lounge room is filling up - no doubt it will get fuller after Father Christmas comes tonight!!

kelsea loves being with her cousins again and it is even better this year as Stan and Lisa's newest addition Halle is here to help celebrate as well!

It is now after midnigh - so technically i is Christmas!!! Better go to bed before father Christmas finds me sitting here!!!

Oh Kels loves the cows and chooks here too - they are pretty tame and she isn't that worried by them!


Monday, December 3, 2007


For the last two weeks Kelsea has been attemptign to walk. The first time she walked 4 steps as I was holdinga bunch of teddys and enticing her to follow me. It seemed that she was takign a LONG time to just keep walking....she has amazing muscle tone... her calves are ripped!! She does squats all day whilst dancing but jsut wouldn't take many steps! ANY WHO! This weekend she jsut decided to do it! I think watchign Maddi gave her confidence and she jsut took off! She has already tried to start running - not so successful though!!
so cute and so sad my "baby" is now technically a "toddler"! Kelsea is the busiest child - always occupying herself - when not tired - mostly she likes to put things in things - for example putting our mobile phones in a glass that we have finished using - or putting little nativity pieces in her dump truck or bag. Aunty Lisa Watson will be glad to know that kels is startign to acceserize - she puts my hairbands on for bangles, puts on a necklace and carrys her bag over her arm - kind of like the queen does. Funny that she also waves like the queen...

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sleep overs and Christmas trees

I seem to blog alot about Kels and maddi!!
Friday night Nicki and I went to Sarah's tupperware party - well i had to "work" - so Grandma and Grandpa looked after the two girls. It was a great party - thanks Sarah! We had a relaxing night - til Sarahs oven started billowing out white puffy smoke - it si brand new and they could't figure out what ahd happened - the meat pies were still frozen!!! the girls were complete angels and went strtaight to sleep.
On Saturday night maddi stayed with Kelsea and I - Jared is STILL away!! Again maddi slept all night and Kels was awake all night - hmmmm i think she needs more "controlled" crying. Its anything BUT controlled!!! its so Funny - Lisa is out there tryign to get Maddi and Kelsea kissing!!! We are all puttimng up the Christmas tree!! yay blogged that before Lisa!!! see Lisa's see pics - and loads more details!!! The kids were all screaming and out of control!!! oh it was fun though.

Kelsea enjoying her first candy cane - care of Grandma!!

We are really missing Jared. It sux that he has been gone so long. After kelsea goes to bed it is really quiet. they have been working flat out to get it done.