Sunday, February 28, 2010

Corn and Rain

I went to stake training yesterday and was very excited to have Grandpa (Nick) give us some tomatoes and corn on the cob from their garden. I LOVE corn on the cob especially fresh from some ones garden! Kelsea also got so excited and asked "Mumm can I peel it - thats ok mum" Sure I say lets go outside though! She did a great job - with Eamon supervising!

Later that evening it grew dark suddenly and then the rain came hard and fast and Kelsea ran to the screen door and yelled "Boody (Eamon) come see the rain" He ran to see what his big sister saw! She is always so excited to show him the world.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

12 months later......(don't fall off your chairs!)

Well I would love to be a regular blogger but it takes me FOREVER to upload pictures and just think of something interesting to write.

Eamon is 13 mths now - and such a boys boy. Its amazing how innately different he and Kelsea are. They were definitely born a sterotypical boy and girl!

Eamon loves : Cars, tools, rough play, tools, breaking things, tools.... oh and did i mention tools? (His eyes literally light up and he gets sooo excited about them) and WATER!

Kelsea loves: Singing, dancing, pretend food, playing mums, singing, dancing, babies, riding bikes, singing.

Here are a few latest pics of them. They are really cute together and usually get along quite well - if Eamon doesn't disrupt Kelsea's play things :)

Pics of the kids in the pool - eamon got in clothes and all he loves swimming. Kels "dinking "him on her trike (by the way she can now ride a two wheeler with training wheels) Eamon's first birthday - lazy mum didn't even make a cake. i was so lethargic and washed out that weekend. Oh well it was so much fun at the beach having a bbq and hanging with mum james Amy and co. They are so much fun and Kelsea cracks us up everyday with her one liners and antics...Eamon is also very funny and adorable :)