Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kelsea's 5th Birthday

Kelsea had been looking forward to her birthday for a while - and there had been much discussion about gifts and cakes and family. Two weeks before her birthday we made a trip to the Huon to visit with my extended family and to go to Archer's 2nd birthday party. Whilst there Kelsea's birthday started! She recieved a lovely outfit from Halle and family and a pink barbie Scooter from Tyler and Jess. the next weekend Nanna Lena came up for a visit and took Kelsea out for the morning - they went to lots of shops and Kelsea came back with lots of presents from a tiny pink sequin skirt to some sparkly shoes to a necklace and a DVD and more, she had the best time and loved having Nan to herself for a few hours. The Tuesday was such a beautiful sunny day Kelsea opened her Lego and Craft box and loved them

and she also got 'the wonky Donkey" Ï was walking down the road and I saw a Donkey...hee haw..." (got it stuck in your head now?!!?)- we spent the morning decorating the cake

and at lunch time packed up our sandwiches and walked to the beach

- we had a great time - with Kelsea chasing away the seagulls and searching for treasure. Chloe and Lachie and Hugh and Steph joined us for a little while until kels got splashed on her legs and they started hurting and Eamon got a little miserable.

We had a pretty impromptu BBQ with Grandma, Grandpa, Aunty Nicki and kids and Eden and family - Kelsea had a fantastic day and loved all the gifts and fuss. I think the high light was the balloon fight (though Grandma kept making kids cry;) )and the hot/cold game! Thanks for coming guys!
(so much for the low key birthday this year!) And sorry Kings - it was organised too late! We missed you all though x

(Kelsea keeps asking if I felt different when I got older - as she still feels four!)

Monday, August 22, 2011


A while ago I came across an idea that really appealed to me for family home evening. The general topic was on words. We used this idea tonight in Family Home Evening - and it seemed to really work well with our 5 year old - not too sure how much younger you could make it work with - but I think you could adjust the lesson to suit anywhere up to just adults.

Materials: Cardboard, scissors, pen, scriptures, Book of Mormon reader, or perhaps flannel board characters of the people of Ammon.

The Lesson:

Read the story of the Anti-Nephi-Lehi's or The People of Ammon - stress how they buried the weapons and would NEVER again take them up.

Then have a discussion about how words can cut us just like swords can and how it hurts etc. (and talk about all the unkind words floating around your home - if you have any that is!)

You will then produce a heap of mini cardboard swords - depending on ages and numbers - then write down the words you have come up with on a sword. (Kels was great at coming up with words - she suggested "please stop that" but we said that wasn't going on a sword!)

After you have written the swords out - explain to the family that you aren't going to use these words anymore - and as soon as they are buried they can't be used again - just like the people of Ammon buried their swords - and even if people are angry or tired or someone looked at them the wrong way - they can never use those swords again - just like the POA would never again pick up their weapons even to defend their own lives.

Then go and bury them in the garden - the kids LOVED this - and dug numerous holes - you could just throw it in the bin or burn them or something.

Hoping that this will work really well - I will post the original source asap - as it was not my idea - just loved it and am not sure where it came from!

Monday, August 8, 2011


So after about two weeks I am down 2 kg! jsut another ten or so to go. So what do you think of the BMI as an indicator of health? I did mine and it said I am just below obese! I don't think that is quite the case - though I also found out my healthy weight range starts at around 50kg! wow Don't think I will ever be that light - or even want to be that small - I would get so cold I think!!

How CUTE is Jack? He started crawling last week - forwards that is - he has been crawling backwards for a while now! His first word has been dad. He is super attached to me and will try to throw himself at me when Jared has him - he is eating a little here and there and is putting together a few hours sleep at a time - though over night he is shocking so I think it may be time for some sleep settling similar to the way we taught Eamon (as he is a great sleeper!!!)!