Wednesday, June 30, 2010

4000 years ago.

Ever since we went to the UYC fireside and heard the Young Single Adults sing the theme song (don't think this is the title!!) Kelsea has been singing the song - well the chorus line over and over. The other day I happened to ask Lisa if she had a copy of the song - and she thankfully did. Kelsea is so excited about it! She loves singing and has an incredible memory for tunes and lyrics. Now thanks to Aunty Lisa we can learn all the words.... she holds open a book and 'reads' from it! Even Eamon loves it bopping and singing away. For a boy with such a deep deep voice he has a surprisingly sweet soft singing voice!

"Aunty Lisa, I love you,
And I love 4000 years ago,
Love Kelsea"

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trying to keep up with Steph!

So I'm not so good at blogging regularly and as I can't load pics at the moment I find it hard to blog anyway!
There are so many everyday things that I'm not recording in a journal - like the many wet patches all over the floor from Eamon tipping water out of every cup I give him (gotta find one that doesn't leak!!) And I think as a result of not actually DRINKING the water he is getting a little constipated!

Kelsea is having 'night itching' again. I can't for the life of me think why it really is a problem at night and not in the day - i get it could be from sweating etc but that can't be the case the first hour or so into bed time. Thinking it may have something to do with our water or washing powder or both.

House hunting is so annoying.... Wish i had unlimited funds (hey but then I'd BUY instead of rent!) looked at a place yesterday that had an awesome kitchen ...but the rest of the house was the size of a shoe box, had no bath (my kids freak in a shower) and also was about to be sub - divided to have a new unit built ( I KNOW how much noise power tools make !!) but something will come up - hopefully sooner rather than later - Kelsea's chest is sounding bad again....well her breathing anyways.

My mum is having an operation on Friday - not sure how 'big' it is - but she will be in heaps of pain for a while - hopefully htey will discharge her with some strong pain killers - not panadol like Jared got last time (what a hoot they gave him morphine in hospital then just panadol!!)

Ok thats about all the ramblings for one night. Oh did I mention my car died!!!?!?! Such a pain - I am really not good without my own transport - I've had a car since I was 18 I think and man I don't like being without one (tho I am in town and can WALK everywhere!) Will get one soon!

Monday, June 21, 2010

A New Calling

So Sunday comes as I get released from Primary - which is sad and good at the same time. I'll really miss all the people in there and the kids too. BUT life moves on and I've been called as Second counsellor in Relief Society! HUGE change - not sure how to think on adult level and really not sure what it all entails but I'm sure but ther end of the year I will get what I need to be doing (hopefully) and if not I can blame 'baby brain' or lack of sleep for any massive slip ups!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Grandma's and Grandpa's

Its always fun when grandma/grandpa comes hurray!!
(well in this case when we go to them!)

I think all the Grand kids love to sit at the bench and help Grandma with the cooking.

And she always tells the best stories.

Eamon having a cuddle with Grandpa before bed.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Catch up pics

On Saturday we decided to head out to Jared's parents place to help Kelsea get better. ITs always a lovely place to stay - quiet, peaceful and REALLY dark at night (there is a street light out side our bedroom!!) Kelsea LOVES it at Gramma's (thats how she pronounces it). She gets out the pretend food and plays contentedly for days. She has't even asked to go outside (which is good coz I want her to stay in). Eamon isn't to rapt about being kept inside and I think is sick of being around me so much! So here are a few pics taken with the new camera - so far all I know what to do is use the 'auto' function so they are just regular pics! Kelsea loves to run. She plays running games at home around the yard and wants me to commentate. When she crosses the finish line she goes "YAY I'm the one-est"
Playing 'kick the ball' together....

These are mostly from home. Eamon LOVES to be outside eating dirt, playing with tools or hanging out with dad in the car.

Near our place is the 'flower park' its a huge open grassed area with beautiful gardens that is open for the public to use. Its only a 5 min walk from our place and its so peaceful and lovely there.The kids love to throw gravel into this drain and hear it splash in the water far below...

Kelsea got some long wanted Gellybaff (don't know the spelling) this stuff that turns water into goo. It is expensive though and you only get one was worth it to see the kids enjoy it.....this is the only non 'rudey' shot!!
Every night Eamon has a bottle before bed and Kelsea always asks to hold him and 'tuggle' him.

(Kelsea wanted to write everyones names, initials down - thats what all the letters are about!!!! Chrish the HUGE row of c's is for you!!)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Asthma again

Two days ago Kelsea woke with a runny nose.... not thinking too much of it {Eamon's was worse} I thought it would pass in a few days. But Today i took her to our GP {had to go to Westbury!} only to find out she has a chest infection {which I suspected} and having asthma attacks. This is the third time this year that she has had an infection and asthma straight away follows. Its a pretty scary thing for a little kid to get though she is really good about it all and sits very still while having her puffers. I think she will have to be on the preventer puffer all winter long to try and ward off any more attacks. She is also on antibiotics and prednisolone for a few days. Rushed home to get it at the chemist to only wait for 20 mins then be told it would take another 20 mins for it to be ready - should have used to local one at Westbury!!

We think that our house in contributing to her bad health. ALL three bedrooms, the bathroom and the toilet {which has an open vented window} all have mould. Jared got a suit Jacket he hasn't worn for a while out of the closet to find it COVERED in mould. So needless to say we are constantly looking for a new place!

BUT good news! After thinking our health care card had be cut off - today I received a new one in the mail! {two days too late for the $300 dental trip Jared had to make on Monday - if it was today he would have had it out for was $1700 to have it fixed so he couldn't do that :( }