Monday, September 3, 2012

Kelsea's Last day of Kinder

 Kelsea had a wonderful first year of school. I think that was mostly due to her wonderful teacher Mrs Devlin and teacher's aide, Tammy. Kelsea is very shy by nature and will barely speak when adults are around. I still think she may not have spoken to some of her Aunty's and Uncles! Rose and Tammy did a great job of bring her out of her shell and made kinder a happy, safe and fun learning environment. Here are some photos of Kinder B's Christmas break up. They had practised doing a dance to Party Rock Anthem and were all shuffling like pro's!

Getting goodies from Santa - love the boy's faces here!

Kels with Buddy Inneka

Kels with Mrs Devlin (she cried when all the children were leaving)!

Kels with Tammy.

December 2011

Doing a little catch up as I finally figured out how to get my pictures on the computer (9 months later)!

December was a busy and wonderful month - Jack's birthday was at the beginning. Then we had an Extended Triffitt Family first Annual Christmas get together. It was held at Panatana park at Port Sorell. We also had the first Sheila May Sponge Cake Bake - Off, which for some strange reason I won! (Think it may have been the loads of cream and Jam). We only had 4 contestants and hopefully more people will enter next year. It was great to see all of Jared's extended family, there are so many people now, and many i just don't really know - even after being together over a decade!

We were lucky to have an early Christmas "do" with our Triffitt family, but alas I have no photos - too busy eating! It was a lovely night and Aaron particularly educated us all on the production of croutons ;)!!

We did homemade gifts if you wanted or bought if you wanted. Eden and Steph got us and Steph made Jared PJs with a Tshirt that said "they call me Buff" ( I will have to try and steal it from Lisa's Blog!)

Eden made me a shopping bag holder and we both got monogramed mugs and hot choc mix.