Friday, November 30, 2007

Engagement Party, Baby Shower and Amy's Birthday/Housewarming Good bye daddy!!!

Wow what a full weekend we had last weekend!!
Jared Finished work at about 11am and we headed into Launceston. Let me just say - i really don't like Launnie. Its hot in summer and freezing in winter - but it does have lovely parks - and People!! it was so hot and sticky - and i had to go to Tupperware to get some, well tupperware!! it was good to finally head down south. We had a long drive - with kels not being very happy - she only slept for a little while and is now over the whole car thing! We got to mums at about 6 and pretty much had to head off to Uncle Ricky and Aunty Pam's for my cousin Cassie's Engagement party. it was a lovely night - one of those perfect tassie summer evenings when the sun doesn't go down til about 9 and you can smell all the hay beign cut and the river. Cassie's Fiance Jared is a nice guy - they look stunning together (will put pics on later - it is such a hassle for me as I am really slow at it!!). Cassie is such a sweet warm hearted girl and Jared is lucky to have her (i'm sure the reverse is true also!!) this will be Jared number 5 for the Watson Family!! Teh more teh merrier!

Ok the next day we had a baby shower for my sis in law Lisa. She is due in about 2 weeks. lots of people came - mums lounge room was packed - sorry no pics of this "lost" my camera again! Lise got heaps of pressies - some cute little knitted things - lots of nappies and all things baby - which are all so adorable!! We played a couple of games - a drinking one that amy one - no surprise there!! hehe joke - it was just cordial!

On sat night was Amy's bday and James, Amy, Jarod, Liam and ella's housewarming. We had a yummy bbq - Amy and James always put on a great feast! Heaps of laughs and good to catch up with people. Kelsea adores her three cousins - and they her - they just flock to Kels and she laps it up!! The party went on into the wee hours long after we headed back to mums place. Mum had the kids with her for the night. Lisa and I were chattign in their lounge till late then we wenrt to bed - mum said she fell asleep on the couch and Ella was still up playing - it was after midnight!! THEN Jarod had a blood nose and bled all over the bed (the kiddies were in her bed 3 in the bed and the little one said..... I can actually see ella pushing the boys out!!)

We headed home early Sunday - as jared had to go on the Boat sunday night to Melbourne - his bosses kidnapped him and still haven't returned him - he thinks now he will be there till next week!!!

I keep gettign tonsilitis and it is really annoying me - and it hurts too!!! But the doc said that I can't have them out - bummer.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Playing with Maddi

Since moving to Devonport, Kelsea has been lucky to have lots of "play dates" with Maddi Mae! The girls get on really well and it is great as both Nicki and I can do stuff without our little angels tagging along!
Kelsea bosses Maddi a fair bit - but Maddi seems to just take it in her stride! A lady at church commented that you can tell Kelsea is an only child (the "mine" attitude and bullying the other tots!!!) I hope she grows out ofS it! But it is great that she has a strong personality! The other day at Nickis the two girls were sitting in an armchair and Maddi had her head on Kelsea's shoulder - soooo cute - til one got kicked in the tummy and the other clawed!!

checking out kelsea's new bath toy

Kelsea EATING the rose petals!!

Kelsea and I have been spending heaps of time outside in our backyard. Kelsea LOVES picking and tasting all the pretty flowers! We have had a few picnics with me occasionally winning the leave-the-hat-on battle!! It is great when Jared comes home from work when we are outside - she just claps her hands and goes dada!!!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Hmm not too sure what to put here!

It is so much fun being the mum of a 14 month old. Kelsea is a joy to have around. it is even nicer now that she sleeps all night - til abtou 5 or 6 am anyway!! The other nigth we thought we would have home made fish and chips - so we went to Petuna seafood on the eastern shore and got FLAT HEAD!! yummmm my favourite. I actually am not a big seafood fan - hate lobster, prawns, scallops and all those slimy gooey things. But a nice piece of flathead goes down well. So i made wedges and salad to go with it and we were enjoying our meal when we look around and Kelsea has her hand deep in teh Tartare Sauce bottle!! squishing it between her fingers!! I wish I took a picture - but I was more concerned with cleanign her up - wish she wasn't already in her pjs!! It was so funny though!!
On the way home we dropped into Elissa and Aaron Woolleys' place..... for a quick visit. they have jsut ahd their 4th baby in 4.5 years!! Elissa is definately a supermum! When we got there she was washign up and mopping!! like a week and a half after givign birth!! She is a wonder!
Lisa King is a supermum too! She always has everythign under control (well looks to have!)
Ok better go stop beign anti social! I am actually at family tea!! Oh well Lisa will eb happy to see I have written another blog post!