Saturday, May 29, 2010

New stuff

Yesterday JAred and I got a new camera - finally! Ours has been pretty unhappy for a while what with sand, water and kids dropping it - a lot - actually I can recommend it for its resilience....but it kinda just won't really work anymore soooo.....we got a new one....only I can't load pics as it has high speed something a rather and the computer is slow speed something a rather...!!!

AND (as most know anyway) a new addition to our family will be happening this year! So I'm 12 weeks and one day. Waiting for all the yuckiness to pass but it's not as bad as it could be!! NOt sure of due date sometime in the start of December (haven't been to the doc for 6 weeks).

Friday, May 28, 2010

Family Photographers

SO it seems that we have two new family photographers!! Lisa and Chrish! They are both really really good and I love the way they see the world through their lenses. Here's one that Chrish took at Sheila's funeral of Kels...

{While doing this post Eamon escaped out the back door and ran barefoot out into the puddles and rain - no wonder it was so quiet!}

Friday, May 21, 2010

I don't like slobber!!

Yesterday i heard this coming from the bedrooms "happy birthday, I don't like slobber. Happy birthday, i don't like slobber! HAPPY BIRTHDAY I don't liker slobberrrrrrr"

All sung to the tune of Happy Birthday to you. Eamon is a huge slobberer (is that a word?) at the moment. With all but 3 teeth through his mouth has been having a really rough time of it all. It also means that he sleeps badly yet again :( so some more crying sessions are needed!!

With all the excess slobber Eamon has discovered spitting - kind of - which is gross and a habit that is apparantly going to be difficult to stop.... dang!! He also loves to kiss and blow copius amounts of 'raspberries' on anyone and everyone - so if you see him coming watch out!!