Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Happiest Refugee

The happiest refugee. Thats for sure. Maybe the happiest Australian even.
I got mum a copy of Anh Do's Autobigraphy for helping out while Jack was born. Jared was secretly chuckling as he got the book for me for Christmas. Anh was born in vietnam - when he was about two years old hs family and some extended family fled to Australia. The going was so rough - they were 'boat people'. I don't want to say too much as its much better to read it in his 'voice'. But I'll tell you its the best book I've read in years and was so funny I'd laugh out loud. I love how he took every challenge in his life and turned it into a triumph. He has an amazing mother and its such an inspiring story. Makes you think twice about the plight of 'boat'people. How can you turn away someone who has fled terrible hardship and risked their lives - and the lives of their children- just to live on the poverty line here in Australia and then think they are living like kings!

Read it - you'll love it - anyone can borrow mine (I think like 5 people have read it so far)!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chair makeover

We have been handed down lots of awesome stuff since getting married. One of these things was a dining set from my youngest brother and his lovely wife. The chairs were in great condition but have been slightly abused by my offspring since. After many scubbings - the purple suede-like fabric was looking rather sad.

A while ago I found this fabric at spotlight (I really liked it in the orangey/yellowey/redey colours but knew Jared would not). I also used some pvc plastic stuff to cover them - so easy cleaning! They are more comfortable now too.

Monday, April 25, 2011


We decided to go to Deloraine this year to participate in the ANZAC service. It will always seem like the right place to go - I think because of Jared's pop. I think there sadly are fewer people each year attending. It was hard trying to explain to Kelsea what ANZAC day was all about - she doesn't understand the concept of war - largely due to those who fought so that she could know peace. Lest we forget.

After the service - we headed home and thought we'd pop into Ashgrove Cheese Farm to try and catch up with some of Jared's old workmates. They weren't working but the children absolutely loved the cows everywhere - Eamon was calling them horses at one stage.

THis afternoon Jared got stuck into a project that has been on our minds for a while - a big boy bed for Eamon. A few weeks ago we found a cot at a garage sale with thoughts of cutting it down into a toddler bed - however it was in better condition than our cot so we thought we'd cut down our old one instead - it looks fantastic and is really sturdy for all that bed jumping that my kids love to do!

Helping dad out (after screaming about the noisy saw!!)

One happy little boy - though he was refusing to pose or smile til Kelsea teased this one out of him (oh by the way he went straight to sleep - no coming out - yet!)


Jack is the sweetest baby. He smiles ALL the time. He has laughed from a really early age and his eyes twinkle when he does.
  • He is cuddly
  • Loves to play with toys
  • Can almost sit
  • Sings himself to sleep
  • Is starting to have long daytime naps
  • Has cried real tears since birth
  • Likes to sleep on his side
  • Will put EVERYTHING in his mouth
  • Makes everyone smile
  • He gets a lot of comments such as "he wouldn't look wrong dressed in pink"or "he is a good looking baby" and he really is
  • He has big bright blue eyes
  • He stops crying nearly everytime mum picks him up
We love having Jack in our home - the children really love him - and there hasn't (touch wood) been any rough play or jealousy.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday with the Triffitts

Our day started early - like every day does - with Eamon up and ready to go at 4:45am - Jared got up with him and I didn't really realise what was going on - until Jack woke at about 6am, after only waking me once during the night! But strangely I was tired-er than usual. After a rare bath (Its just annoying getting out when kids want things so I just don't get in!!), I was pondering a little about why there is a Good Friday at all. I read a little from the final days of Jesus' life in Matthew and really have been struck with the thought of how very alone the Savior was during His Atonement. How his friends couldn't keep awake and even at the hardest part the Father withdrew as well. I can't really understand the love and strength and obedience he displayed to better understand all the pains of sin we bring upon ourselves so he could heal us and comfort us and be able to succor us. I guess the question for me is what will I do now and everyday to not waste this greatest of gifts.

{pic by Liz Lemon Swindle}

So we headed out to Jared's parents place and enjoyed a brunch that really turned into lunch! It was great - great food - great times. The new kitchen is a lovely place to be in. Jack looks MASSIVE next to little Hugh. Head on over to Lisa's blog for some stunning shots and more details!!
The kids had a great egg hunt with a few getting SUPER excited, its hard I think for Kelsea to get excited about chocolate - she doesn't like it as it is brown!! But Eamon is right up there with his mum in this genetic addiction!!


Eamon was lucky to Join Linc in getting his 3rd hair cut. It is growing so fast and thick. He was really good but got a little upset about all the hair he kept rubbing into his he got to have a bath (his third for the day)! Thanks Aunty Lisa!

Eamon with his old curls before Christmas (so cute but he was getting mistaken for a girl - Eamon of all people!!)

I so thought this was a pic with Lorraine and Jack - even though I had already put Jacky-boy in bed!! (i'm losin' it!!) its Hugh!

Grandma got the kids some great little gifts, the girls all got some bunny ears and the little boys a Toy Story bowl. Jack got some cute Jammies also

Three little girls posing and dressed up as fairy princesses with bunny ears... or are they tiaras??

What the boys are loving to play with - dinosaurs!!! Eamon loves Dinosaurs, he watches The Land Before Time every day nearly and likes to roar like only he can!

{We also had some Easter fun in the Huon the weekend before - but I somehow wiped ALL the pictures}

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jack's Blessing

Jack was blessed on Fast Sunday in February. We were lucky to have lots of family come to his blessing - even Stan, Lisa, Halle and Archer were able to come all the way from Huonville. Jack wore a little suit that lots of his boy cousins have worn before him and was wrapped in a white blanket that I made for Eamon's blessing.

Jared blessed Jack, and Jack's Grandpa, and Uncles, Eden, Aaron, Stan and Alex assisted him. I'm told it was a lovely blessing with a sweet spirit. Some of the things mentioned were that he would bring a special spirit to our home and be a peacemaker with his brother and sister. Alex mentioned later, and Chayne too I think, that his blessing reminded them of Harry Triffitt. Maybe Harry was there in that circle in spirit.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Woodgie turns two!

Eamon has had lots of nick names since he was born. It started with Buddha (he was such a dumpling!!) then it went to boodie which turned to boodie pud. Then chabumpy - and its really just Woodgie or Woodgie-woo now. He has so much character and new elements appear every day! He LOVES to get around the house being a bear or dinosaur and I wish I had video footage - its so cute. He is such a rough and tumble boy and I sometimes feel like he runs through the house with both arms out stretched causing mass destruction! He is very sensitive though also. He can't stand being told off. He is great at giving cuddles - and don't be mean to anyone or he will tear shreds off of you! He doesn't like food that much unless it contains sugar then he is quick to grab it - though he loves most fruit. He is big and until recently had the cutest curls (which everyone can't help commenting on). Kelsea especially loves them and always comments on how cute Eamon is with his curls. He is a real joker and pulls lots of crazy faces and does some really funky robot dancing. He loves all 'boy' toys like tools and trains and dirt :) But also loves to p[lay pretend food and make believe games with barbies and dolls. He is a wild man and does all kinds of tricks on the trampoline - including running and ramming his head into the net (so glad trampolines have nets now)! We really love this rough, loud excitable, soft hearted little man.

He had a quiet birthday - with Grandma coming to visit. We gave him a little blue ukulele that he promptly destroyed, it is literally in pieces strings pulled off and the frets missing. I caught him using it as a hammer or something. Hmm maybe too young for musical instruments... Will have to wait a while to introduce any more! He did however love the wiggles DVD (that came with a toothbrush - double excitement as he looooves toothpaste!) He was very spoiled by all his extended family getting lots of trucks/cars/ tools/ trains/ clothes. Thanks everyone!

**{can anyone tell me how to move pictures/text around? it just does nothing!!!}**

Monday, April 4, 2011

Jack Henry Arrives!

Jack was born on the 7th of December 2010. He was 3 days early and I'd been having a few contractions the weekend before. The labour was the worst yet, but the delivery the best. I felt really good afterwards except for a sore back ( from labour) and just so tired from not sleeping through the night. We both looked at him and said oh he is SOOO cute! And he really was (is) cute. the first 8 weeks were really unsettled with Jack - reminding me very much of his big sister. He cried a lot and wouldn't sleep at all really even with me. He seemed to have reflux and colic and also some really bad colds. The other two kids got a bad tummy bug and I think he may have caught it. BUT he has settled down now and although he still only sleeps in small spurts (occasionally he'll go 5 hours overnight) he is much happier. Kelsea and eamon LOVE jack and shower him with love and kisses constantly. Eamon often goes right up to his face and goes in a sweet voice "hiiiii Jaaack" super cute. Kelsea is a little mum and has even changed a nappy already - or rather put on a clean one and his clothes! We took forever to come up with his name but we are really happy with it now! (I had a hundred names that Jared didn't like!!!)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

O Christmas Tree

we went Christmas tree hunting at the end of November. As usual it took a long time but twas fun and filled the air with the scent of the festive season.

Logging Contractors Hall of Fame

In October I travelled to the Grand Chancellor in Launceston and met up with Stan, James, Amy, Nan, Aunty Delsa, Uncle Robert, Uncle Rick & Aunty Pam and Uncle Lane & Aunty Christine. We were attending the Australian Logging Contractors Hall of Fame dinner. Over 200 Australians were honoured with an award in 2010. Dad was one of them. There was over 200 loggers, saw millers and industry workers and their families there. It was great to hear the stories of men who' worked so hard. I was particularly impressed by an man who honoured all the wives who had put so much work and time and endured so much stress and worry.

Dad was one of a handful of Logging Contractors who were honoured with a posthumous award.

The guy hosting the event just read out every other recipients name but when he came to dad he had a huge spiel to give. It was fantastic to hear the stories from dads work mates. He said that if ever there was a massive tree that needed cutting down (sorry all you conservationists out there this isn't a tree friendly post!) that the only person in the state that could manage it was dad. Another story told of him racing down the roads to work with the chainsaw on the back seat of his charger. I Hvae forgotten most of what was said except the same guy came out with some pretty dicey jokes towards the end of the evening. And there was a general feeling of disgust surrounding antything to do with Gunns. ( sorry any gunns workers!!)

All in all I am glad I went. Dad got a big certificate and all those years of hard hard work have been remembered.

Kelsea's 4th birthday

Kelsea had a blast on her fourth birthday. Some cousins came up and spent the saturday before having fun making crowns and hanging out together, while dad and Uncle James put together the masterchef kitchen that they all brought for Kelsea, she was very excited about it and has used it so much since (so has Eamon)!
The three girls - all very strong willed and they need to be with all the boys surronding them!!

The birthday cake was of course barbie. Kelsea loves barbies and anything girly/princessy. The cake was so easy really and all that didn't work was the icing - must learn how to make it correctly.

The happy birthday girl.

Hanging out with some of her ''watson" cousins. They all get along pretty well and Jarod and Liam are so good with the little ones. Kelsea has a special bond with Liam - she just loves him and thinks he is the cheekiest person in the world and often comments on his cheekiness (boy with head down is Liam).
Kelsea loved having this mini party and was so happy they came - she always is asking for people to come or to go to her friends or cousins house. Hope they are all great friends as they grow up even though they live so far away.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

2010- {c} the NEW place

So we moved from dark damp and depressing suburbia to bright warm and happy beach town! You can seriously just breath the serenity and living so close to the shore means that you feel like your on permanant holidays - though i avoid the beach due to one very active fast 2 year old who lOVES to run into the water and hide from his mum and dad. (can't run too fast with a tubby 4 month old!!). Dishwashers are great, i just LOVE this one, and I also LOVE heat pumps - so nice to be warm after the last two years being SO cold getting chilblains and all the viruses. We are really grateful everyday to be living here. Sometimes when its raining really hard and I am a little bit over having lots of kids in bed - I think rebecca jsut be grateful you arén't out in that rain and wind - imagine trying to sheild your kids in that. It made me think of the saints as they went west of the mothers trying to keep their babies warm in those terrible snow storms with no protection. We don't know how easy we have it hey!

2010 - {b} Last pics in old place

Some random pics from the old place.... kids on swings and being cheeky at dinner.... don't miss the cold dampness there........kelsea sick again with chest infections and asthma....not missing the mold that may have caused that {and Jareds pneumonia - how random is that in January of all months?!} helping make cakes...and finding out that a "climber" not only refers to a plant!!