Monday, September 3, 2012

Kelsea's Last day of Kinder

 Kelsea had a wonderful first year of school. I think that was mostly due to her wonderful teacher Mrs Devlin and teacher's aide, Tammy. Kelsea is very shy by nature and will barely speak when adults are around. I still think she may not have spoken to some of her Aunty's and Uncles! Rose and Tammy did a great job of bring her out of her shell and made kinder a happy, safe and fun learning environment. Here are some photos of Kinder B's Christmas break up. They had practised doing a dance to Party Rock Anthem and were all shuffling like pro's!

Getting goodies from Santa - love the boy's faces here!

Kels with Buddy Inneka

Kels with Mrs Devlin (she cried when all the children were leaving)!

Kels with Tammy.

December 2011

Doing a little catch up as I finally figured out how to get my pictures on the computer (9 months later)!

December was a busy and wonderful month - Jack's birthday was at the beginning. Then we had an Extended Triffitt Family first Annual Christmas get together. It was held at Panatana park at Port Sorell. We also had the first Sheila May Sponge Cake Bake - Off, which for some strange reason I won! (Think it may have been the loads of cream and Jam). We only had 4 contestants and hopefully more people will enter next year. It was great to see all of Jared's extended family, there are so many people now, and many i just don't really know - even after being together over a decade!

We were lucky to have an early Christmas "do" with our Triffitt family, but alas I have no photos - too busy eating! It was a lovely night and Aaron particularly educated us all on the production of croutons ;)!!

We did homemade gifts if you wanted or bought if you wanted. Eden and Steph got us and Steph made Jared PJs with a Tshirt that said "they call me Buff" ( I will have to try and steal it from Lisa's Blog!)

Eden made me a shopping bag holder and we both got monogramed mugs and hot choc mix.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lisa - Woman of Grace

I have been watching Lisa as she is living through this with a smile for the other mourners, hugs for those who are crying for HER husband and I am reminded of another strong woman, Emma Smith. Both women have lost children, and buried their husbands in the prime of their lives, yet still remain standing through it all, not letting anything break them. It blows me away really, that strength and faith.

There is a song about Emma Smith and these are some of the lyrics that I think mirror the kind of woman Lisa is and her life at this time

"With the world on your shoulders, when the nights had grow colder, you seemed to weather every storm with a Queen's grace. When you lost your husband, and you buried your children, I think the angels stood in reverence as you prayed. How much can one heart take?"

I think that angels do stand in reverence around you Lisa. And you are full of grace. We love and admire you so much, and Jalen, Harri and Kobe are such wonderful strong, brave boys because of you and Aaron.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


{Photo off Lisa's blog}

Still can't believe that Aaron has headed on Home to be with Noah so soon after Noah himself was able to go. It is so hard for us to feel its true and he isn't just away or something.

Chrish called us just after 9pm on the 26th of January - Australia day. We thought it was just a 'hello - hurry up and get here' kind of call as we hadn't yet headed to St Helens for our first big family holiday. I soon realised it wasn't that kind of call as Jared's face dropped and he pointed to turn off the T.V. He hung up pretty soon and said that Aaron had been fishing and then was eating dessert and had collapsed and wasn't breathing. We were in disbelief and started praying he'd be ok. I went online to look up allergic reactions as I thought - oh he'd just been eating maybe its anaphylactic shock - he must have eating something that he was allergic to and didn't know. Chrish rang again when the ambulance got there and then we got the next call telling us he was gone - Jared and I were in complete disbelief! How could Aaron be gone. Not now, not yet.

Aaron was full of love and full of laughs. I think love and laughter best describe him, and that is how I will remember him. He was so patient all the time, and able to create a joke about anything and nothing.

Aaron's adoration for his beautiful wife Lisa was so plain to see - he was smitten! And I think treated her so lovingly. His boys were his world and he dedicated his life to them and Lisa.

What was left of him he dedicated to his students, he will always be such a loved and respected teacher who will be known for always going the extra mile and believing in his students. So amazing to see hundreds of young people there. His influence on them will in turn influence their children. He is leaving behind a massive legacy.

I don't know why he had to go just now. Its really seems 'unfair' for Lisa and the boys. We hate it that they are feeling so sad and Lisa so lonely. Wow I still can't really think he isn't sitting at home watching some kind of sport, giving Noah cuddles on the couch.I guess it isn't my reality, it isn't my life that has taken such a massive turn. I can't see that family 'do's' are going to be so light hearted without him there leading the jokes about making croutons and other family jokes. Hopefully some of us will develop quicker wits to try to keep up with his.

I am so sad for Jalen, who looked up to his dad so much, and who reminds me of him in so many ways. I feel sad that he doesn't get to have his dad take him to the Temple for the first time, or help him with his homework, or chat about his wife to be or a million other things. I feel sad for him that he has 'grown up' so soon, and is worrying about all those grown up things - when other boys his age get to just worry about kid stuff. But there is this quiet strength in Jay, he has such great faith.

I am so sad for Harri because his dad is his hero and 'gets' his sports madness like noone else ever could - indeed I think it was an inherited trait! I feel sad that he gets so scared and sad for Noah and Aaron too now, that he feels alone even when there are heaps of his school friends around. I know he will feel happiness again, but its sad that children ever have to feel this kind of sadness.

I am sad for Kobester too. He must be missing his dad like crazy, even though he is a little ray of sunshine and I am sure Aaron must miss all of his boys to - I am sad for Aaron that HE doesn't get to experience all these things on earth (though I am SURE he and Noah are having a wonderful time together!).

I guess there is nothing left to say but Aaron, you have gone ahead, but you will never be forgotten, you have written your name in far too many hearts for that to ever happen.

"when at length when I've completed all you sent me forth to do, with your mutual aprobation let me come and dwell with you"

It will be wonderful to see your reunion with Lisa and ALL your boys "some bright celestial day".