Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kelsea the creator

Kelsea has an artistic soul - theres no doubt about it. She sings, dances and creates the day away. she also has an artistic temperament! We have dozens of creative pieces in every nook and cranny. Even dolls get people drawn on their faces and words all over their bodies. Kelsea usually is very fast with any writing and drawing she does and I think this may be a problem with handwriting in the future but hopefully she will slow down a little before it matters so much. Her tastes are ver eclectic. She enjoys collage, painting, drawing, puppet creation, sculpture and well anything I will let her touch becomes part of her "crafting". Here are some of her latest designs...enjoy!

this is a robot - she made one for herself and one for Eamon

An example of her writing - she knows so many letters now and nearly all the sounds - she can write so many words when prompted its so crazy - I couldn't learn a language as fast as she is!

One days I was doing something and she comes around the corner - look mum I made some puppets!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I am hopeless at sticking to anything related to weightloss - I blame this on my addiction to sugar!
Last feb/march I joined WW and lost 7 kg in 6 weeks - I felt great - was losing inches and everytime I ate something sweet I would get a headache or stomache ache. But I think losing the weight sort of fast led to a loss of milk for Jack. Well that was the excuse I gave myself to delve into the massive amount of chocs I consumed between then and now! I put 4 kg back on and was so disappointed in myself.

SO I have decided to start again. this time with a goal to lose 15kg by my birthday (I am 30 this year and want to be skinier than when I was 20!)

I have almost 4 months to accomplish this goal and this time I will be exercising as well!!
I only wrote this up so that I am accountable to someone as I won't attend WW this time - jsut go with what I learnt from it!
(photo courtesy of Lisa King)

Thought this was an appropriate 'before' photo as I am hoeing into those delicious scrolls - tut tut!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bargain buy

I have been wanting to buy one of these high chairs that sit on a dining chair for ages.

There are a few different designs around - I was just after the base model - something cheap practical and not taking up all the room in the kitchen area - I looked around at the baby shops , toyworld, kmart etc and discovered that they all started at around $50. Thinking I could get one cheaper I then started looking on and while there are tons of bargains they did not have the chair I was after. Then I found it - posted on the bulletin board at the local IGA - I ended up getting it for $15 in excellent condition with its box and instructions! People are amazing - I NEVER keep boxes or instruction sheets after something is put together - the instructions are usually impossible to understand and the boxes become play things for the kiddos. Anyway - jack is much happier now - just got to get the food into him! We are also happier as we don't have to juggle him whilst trying to eat our dinner one handed anymore!

This is where I used to put him when making dinner - til he toppled out onto his nose!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Goings on in July

Whats been going on in July?
Being 'super's' (sooopah - as Eamon calls it) it took a little while to realise its from Super Giggle and Super Hoot!

Doctors "Mum - come quickly - Eamon is in the hospital a crocodile bit off his hand"

And then there was Kels laid up in hospital after a sting ray attack!!

This little fella is on the move and much prefers the jumbled toys of the play room to the soft 'baby' toys I have set aside for him.

His favourite plaything is the remote!
He is starting to eat a little finally and is so attached to his mumma that the only way dad could keep him happy while mum cleaned the kitchen was to sit him on his shoulders so he could see me! Catching up woth Owen, Jake, Alex, Ethan, Aunty Dannie and Unlce Adam for an hour or two - was great to see them all again!

We have had the normal round of illnesses - nothing serious but made for some unhappy little chappy's for a while - Asthma amd coughs and noses running running running!!

Hoping that the rest of winter will fly by with no more viruses! There has been too much cold air and rain for our liking and the children have been cooped up inside - where Kelsea has created a LARGE amount of art pieces - stay tuned for the big reveal!