Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Term Hair Cuts

Kelsea and Eamon were excited to get their hair cut. Eamon had his "buzzed" Just like daddy. Kelsea had a fair amount chopped off. She LOVES it short and doesn't want it to grow again (sad!) She was even worried that brushing it would make it grow! She looks really cute and very grown up. Eamon is looking so much older lately and its really sad - he is talking a lot and even starting to toilet train. He is moving from toddlerhood to childhood at a pace faster than I can keep up with.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

South Australia Trip

Sometimes you wanna go, where everybody knows your naaaame (dah dah dah dah dah)

And their always glad you caaaaaame....

The birthday boy

Jack and I travelled over to South Australia for our eldest nephew Jake's 18th Birthday.

Jake with girlfriend Danielle

We had a great time catching up with all my siblings (except Tyler who didn't come over - slacker! :) ) !I told stan I wanted a picture for Jack to look back and go - 'oh thats me with Uncle Stan'
This is what he came up with.

Alex playing a tune for me (Eamon reminds me of him as a toddler)

Uncle Brian and Aunty Liz were threatening to take Jack home with them (Brian was introducing him as HIS son at the bar)!

Brian being a pain so this is his best side!

Liz and Jack
And some of Jack's cousins.

Halle and Owen at the Whale museum at Victor Harbour

Lisa and I were also lucky to catch up with our old friend Jasmyn - who had just had her second little baby. It was so lovely to see her and see that she hasn't changed much in the last decade or so.

Jake was able to have a famiy dinner on his actual birthday at the local hotel - really yummy food! Love all those old stone buildings in SA. And also a party on the Saturday at his dad's.
Jack with Owen
Jack had his first real solids at Aunty dannie's - banana - and he LOVED it.

Archer was a great big cousin and introduced Jack to the dummy - which he now loves and so do I as it means MUCH less feeding - especially overnight! He also gave him a little blue beanie - as he slack mother forgot to pack one (SA winters are pretty cold).

Dannie - the hostess with the mostest...

Dannie hosted most of us in her hundred or so year old 'hall' I always feel creepy in old buildings but this one is very different and has a lovely spirit to it - and it may have something to do with all the rock salt lamps she has around. They have so many wonderful properties - I actually can't remember them now - but go look em up!! I ended up buying one for Jared - and want to get one for each bedroom now.
Its nice to be around 'your' people sometimes. And it was great to come home to 'my' people - we really missed them all and Eamon kept kissing me at the airport!

Monday, June 6, 2011

In the wars

A couple of weeks ago Eamon split his forhead open running full pelt into a door jam at church. It was a really deep long cut. He was so cute though - when he saw the blood on his hands (from touching his head) he went "hurt hand daddy" and really was over it pretty soon. But the chemist told us to take him into the hospital where he had to have glue put in the wound. He was VERY brave Jared said and hasn't really complained (about that anyway) since. However it later got infected and he will now sport a tough wide scar!

Kelsea said to me the other day "mum I just have to say something to you - Eamon is in the wars!" and I said just like his daddy. She replied with " yeah daddy is in the wars at work". And he really is quite often too!

Eamon tackles life in a full on way and I hope this doesn't mean too many trips to emergency in the future.

Here is how Jack has been feeling lately unless asleep or being held!

Friday, June 3, 2011

First Day of School

Kelsea had her first day of kinder back in February. It was a really exciting time for our family. She had had some full days of pre-kinder back before Christmas where all the children attend with out their parents so she had been prepared and was really familiar with the teachers and the classroom. She has really great teachers that are fantastic at bringing children out of their shells. Kelsea is quite timid around new people and even thought she wants to join in she gets very nervous, and this was the case for the first little while. Each kinder morning she would be reluctant for me to go until she had seen Chloe (her cousin) at least. Slowly though she would start to reply when the teachers would say good morning and now4 months on she has big chats to her teachers!

She looked so grown up with her hair in braids and a uniform and school shoes on. We have been lucky that there has never been any tears or tantrums about going to school ( oh except for Eamon who never wants to leave!) She loves school and has been really happy and made lots of friends.

Kelsea loves to write. She is really excited that she can write words now. The other day she sounded out and spelled "cat"! I was amazed how far she had come from not being interested in writing at all before school started to what she can do now! She also loves "crafting" at school. Each day at kinder the children do project based learning. They have to make a plan and gather their materials and then make their project. I had my first go at parent help the other week and it was full on - kinder really need extra hands every day - I was flat out helping children cut and stick and trying to stop Jack being too big a distraction!

I'm so happy my little girl loves school and learning and has so much confidence in her abilities - she doesn't get stressed about things and will often say 'doesn't matter' if something isn't quite right. Hopefully she will always believe in herself. When did she grow up so fast?!

Cross Country

I know I haven't posted about Kelsea's first day of school - mainly because the pictures are on my phone and I don't know how to get them on the computer - as I raelly have NO idea where all the cords are!
But a month or so ago Kelsea participated in her first cross country event. We were told that the kinder children would be doing a smaller run than the older ones - but didn't realise it was only like 20m shorter! It ended up being a 600m race - and I am fairly certain that Kelsea ran the whole way! Which is a fantastic effort. Chloe was also in the race and Lachie also participated which was a crack up but I'll let Steph tell that story!

It was an awesome day - the school have 'houses'and the children had made up chants and had placards and flags, it was a real race-day atmosphere.

Grandma came along to watch the girls in their first big race.

I was so proud of Kelsea - she must get her running genes from her daddy as I don't reckon I could run that far these days wqith out stopping (and keeling over)! Jared said as a kid/teen that he would run forever and never get puffed out - hopefully our kids will be like that too - I never was great at long distance!

It was so hard to get into take pictures and these people kept getting in the way- so no pictures crossing the finish line (and the camera battery died then too!)