Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's a beautiful day

It is such a beautiful day today - actually the whole week has been so summery. It is still officially winter until saturday - but I feel like going camping and hiking and swimming now!Yesterday i took Kelsea outside to placy on the grass - she hasn't really played on it for about 4 months - it has been a soggy boggy mess all winter. So she was a little unsure of it at first - but soon was plucking grass and eating it! We went out to pick the first of the daffodils - the really nice smelly ones - and as we were playing on the grass - Kelsea kept throwing her arms around me and giving me a big hug! It was so sweet!! (though today at Kmart she clawed my face and drew blood!!)
I also put her on Jarod, Liam and Ella's swing set - and discovered she is a dare devil! she LOVEd it! the higher she went the more she giggled!!

Kelsea on the swing set!

This photo was taken about Christmas time with Jarod, Liam, Ella and Aunty Amy. Still can't upload recent pics so this old one will have to do!

Monday, August 27, 2007


This afternoon as he was filling up the car Jared missed a call. When he checked his phone - it was Nixon - the guy who jared had the interview with! He thought "this can only be good!" so he ranga nd Nixon said - "well we want you on and we will start you as a 2nd year apprentice - you start in two weeks!" Well Jared was so excited - and he didn't even ring me! just told me when he came home!! He hasn't been able to wipe the smile off of his face! We are so excited. we both really like Devonport and are looking forward to having our own home! it is great to finally have some good news!!

Ok better go finish practicing how to make this tupperware cake - Kels is awake - and fretting a bit. she just had a 3 and a half hour sleep - if only that would carry on till the night time!

The weekend up North

This Last weekend we all went up north. Jared had a job interview in Devonport - and I had to deliver Nicki's tupperware - so we thought it was a good time to catch up (seeing as Kels jsut had her bday also!!) We got to Grandma's and Grandpa's quite late (for a little 1 year old anyway) so Kelsea had had a nap in the car and was wide awake at about 8:30! Everytime she sees grandma she goes really hypo - she was speed crawling and screaming her head off. It was Hilarious! So Kelsea once again really didn't sleep much! But the next day as usual she was happy as larry. JAred headed off to teh interview mid morning - and was in there for over an hour! he got reallly good feedback and the guys pretty much said - how much tiem will you need to pack and move -jared said well we only need two suitcases so we are there tomorrow! It sounds liek a great building company and he already knows two guys working there. About 2 ish the King clan came out - we had a nice lunch then we all went out to see the Lambs. Kelsea LOVES animals. the only thing is that whenever she sees a cow or lamb ior bird she just goes woof Woof!! apparantly anything that moves is a dog! Just a different sized one! The only animal that she differentiates with is Elvis the cat....she squeels for him!

On Sunday we went to Stake conference the to the Bluff at Devonport for Lunch. it was a lovely sunny day - with a chilly sea breeze. here are some pics that Lisa took.

Kelsea was a little unsure of teh slide when i slid her down it - but i didn't see jared hop on the slide with her - what a fun daddy! (lucky it was him i wouldn't have fitted!!)

thanks Lisa I love this pic of Jared and Kelsea!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Kelsea's 1st Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well Yesterday was Kelsea's FIRST Birthday. It was preceeded by one of her worst nights on record! But she woke (after FINALLY going to sleep with me at about 4 am) really happy and excited! All through the week Kelsea had been recieving special packages in the mail. Her first one came from Great Grandpa Nastase in Melbourne (mum went for a visit and came back with it!!) it was a mini keyboard that plays songs and is really loud and entertaining - Kelsea just LOVES it!! Then came presents From Aunty Danni, uncle Adam, Jake, Alex and Ethan - clothes and a cute pig/cow (can't decide!). then the day before TWO presents came! One from Uncle Eden, Aunty Stephannie and Chloe - two cute lady bug wooden toys - a shaker and a clacker(hmmm not sure if that is correct name!) Which Kelsea loves grabbing in each hand and dancing to the music she makes! Then came a Present from the King family! Clothes and a cute book.

So before her birthday even began Kelsea had heaps of gifts!! The night befored mum and I blew up heaps of balloons which tasted really toxic! And I am so glad that we did - Kels loved them. Other present that Kelsea got included a Beuatiful Quilt from Aunty Lisa and Uncle Stan, Aunty Amy, Uncle James and the kiddies got her a book a dressing gown and a huge white bear that hides her eyes!! And Nanna Got Kelsea a little Sofa and a book and some gollywogs!! Also books and clothers from Jess and Tyler.

wow - describing lots - but that is coz I can't put pics on!!! I made a Butterfly cake - which kels was not really interested in!! (she was gettign tired - and a bit over the whole thing by then!) We played pass the parcel - which was a lot of fun! So overall it wa s a great day and Kelsea had a blast - but got toooo tired - maybe a little sick fromt he icing!! I think day time parties may be the way to go.!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Huon River Flood

Well it has been raining for 3 days and nights now! And the Huon river is in Flood - you know one of those 10 year floods. the last time I remember it being this high - two of my cousins saved a bunch of sheep that were on their way to Heaven. The Glen Huon road has been closed from Huonville - and I think that they were going to close the Bridge tonight because they were afraid that as the tide comes in the water will go over the top! Years and Years ago like about 50 or 60 years ago when the old bridge was there - the flood waters were really high and a truck went over the edge - I'm pretty sure it was an Uncle or my pop's truck - but Stan reackons not (I AM older though - so therefore I would know BETTER)!!!
Anyways - the road was closed but we decided we couldn't be bothered going around the Judbury way (like a 20 min detour)!! So we just drove through - it cleaned the car nicely.
Sadly I think a horse was washed away the poor thing i bet it was petrified!! - there were about 50 ina paddock right on the river .
And mum informed me tonight that they saw a dead cow floating past the Mushroom farm. So glad that is NOT my drinking water!!
It made me think a bit about Noah and how pannicked the people must have been when te rain just wouldn't stop. Bet they wished they Believed old Noah hey!!

Kelsea is so funny now! She copies everything. tonight stan was trying to get her to say his name - she did - once... then just went babababababababa......she was also copying his tapping his bowl with his spoon.....very clever - she loves stan.

Kelsea's sleeping is sooooooooo unpredictable. One night, 10 hours straight ...the next awake every two hours.....then I give in and pu ther in bed with us.wea re in a doubl ebed and that makes for very coasy sleeping - seeing as Kels likes to spread out!! One benefit - Jared sometimes gets back rubs from Kelsea!! I finally go ther to drink a bottle of milk - milk milo anyway! for a while she just wouldn't drink - it was a bit of a worry!! I have finished feeding her now - she will be one in two weeks.

Sold over $1000 at a parety today - thanks Mel!!

Hopefully Photos to come!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

tupperware again!!!!

Well I have started the tupperware parties. I have done two now - both were really different. The first one at Nicki's had heaps of people and they all were very patient while i bumbled my was through the selling!! Hopefully Nicki will get some great stuff! The second party was at Louella Jury's place. this time I thought - i'm just going to throw away the notes and just wing it! and it worked - I also did a cookig demo - which was a really good selling point - i think 3 of the items I used were bought. I have one on Friday then theat is my kit paid off - I have a few mroe comin gup also - which is great!!
Kelsea is cryin g- so I better go and play with her!!!