Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I am waiting to blog til I have pictures but thought I'd record a few things.
Yesterday I was cleaning the toilets and I look around and Eamon is pretending to wash his hair in the shower - how CUTE I think - Kelsea urging him on and cooing over him. Turn around again and this time he is washing his hair with shampoo.. doing a great job..... so he got to have an early bath that night and all I had to do was rinse out the shampoo.... easy peasy. Eamon is starting to talk a little now and his words all sound so cute. Dad sounds like 'dah' kind of a german accent, bye sounds like a southern american, and most other words are just starting to become clearer - like bottle, bird, kels, hello, more.

The wet wraps that we have been waiting for arrived a couple of days ago. I was really excited to try them and had been talking about it a bit to Kelsea before using them. I thought that it would be pretty easy and drama-less....boy was I wrong - not about the easy part - just her reaction! The idea is that you put a set on wet - soaked in some bath oil (eczema friendly of course!) that you have bathed the child in - this was not taken well! Then you put on another set to I guess make them feel a little drier - though as she became quite upset I ended up with her on my lap for the next hour with me looking like I had wet myself! straight away she was going crazy saying how much it was itching her - she is usually super itchy after a bath - i just kind of ignored all the screaming etc (Think it was more fear of what was happening as she NEVER or very rarely wears anything tight and these are pretty tight!) She calmed down after a little while and then I noticed she was happily sitting watching tv with Jared while I was putting Eamon to bed. We took them off after about 1 1/2 hours ( was hoping to have her sleep in them) she was getting cold and as she didn't have the cream on ( chemist hadn't made it yet) I thought I'd just take it off and see how she went. Well WOW the difference in the softness of her skin was amazing! WE just dressed her as usual for bed and she played for a while very happily and I finally got her settled in bed - with her saying rub me I'm itchy (think thats just bad habit now not really itchy). for the first time in I don't know HOW long she didn't scratch her arms or legs while going to sleep. I woke about 2:30 feeling really sick throwing up.. so over this reflux heartburn stuff - its as bad as morning sickness!! Thought I would check the kids - you know in case it was a tummy bug and they had thrown up in their sleep (sorry gross I know - hope no-one reads this whilst eating), well both still asleep... strange but GOOD! Then I finally fell asleep feeling not good and a while later - not sure when - Kels came in. Now usually this would mean up to an hour or sometimes more of her laying down itching and me rubbing her legs/arms/back/ tummy till she fell asleep - then she would do it all again a couple of hours later. I was turning into the psycho mum from hell and she was getting kinda crazy herself... and very upset with me as I was getting crabby with her!! ANYWAYS... last night she came in - out of habit I guess - and just laid there and I rubbed her back a little and she fell asleep. No itch legs. No itchy arms. SO excited that this seems to help restore moisture to her skin. Just have to keep her face moist now to help her eyes ( they are getting super dry at the moment) we will keep doing this til there is no sign of the eczema then hopefully we can just use regular moisturiser on her to maintain her skin - well that is what I am hoping anyway!
A HUGE thank you to DONNA who told me about these suits and who has a never ending supply of knowledge about eczema and has tried and tested EVERYTHING out there.

Hopefully this will lead to a happier little girl who grows a little more and doesn't have such a pale face and big bags under her eyes!

**just a note on the last post - I watched the movie - it was pretty good - funny in parts too. I thought it would make a better TV series - but i guess there is no money in that. How do you jam all those books into movies? Was a good movie though - you should go see it**