Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sick and Tupperware

Kelsea has been really sick this last week. i don't know what with - I guess a virus of some kind. She had high temps till Friday and ever since has been REALLY cranky! She also has a rash - and keeps hitting her head - so maybe a headache too. It is awful - this is the first time that she has been REALLY sick - and I can't help her - only by giving panadol. Jared is sick too - and as he is sick when Kelsea is he doesn't get as much sympathy - slack I know! He has a really bad virus and stomach bug also i think. Kelsea just woke from a short nap - alot happier - thank goodness!

Yesterday was my "announcement" Tupperware party. It went pretty well - it was really hectic trying to organise everything before hand - as Kelsea was sooooooooo clingy and the house needed cleaning - plus Jenelle was trying to tell me stuff - and the food hadn't been prepared either! Luckily and thankfully Lauren showed up early and helped with the dishes and took Kelsea for me!! Then mum and nan did the food for me.
I was surprised that we sold $500 as only a few people showed up! i now have my starter kit and ALL the paperwork - there is oodles of it!! I have two parties on Friday then next tuesday and the following friday.

Ok I might go enjoy a happy Kelsea!

Oh yeah and last Thursday night we looked after Donna and Andrew's kiddies! We had a great time - apart from Kelsea being sick. they are so easy to look after and cute and funny too!! Olivia was so cute - when I left she was so upset - probably thinking - why does everyone keep leaving me????

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Not much happening

Not much happening here today. It is strange weather - really warm outside - which is a nice change from the freezing frosts that we have been having. But it is kind of eerie aswell! kind of like a thunderstorm is coming - or a twister or something.
There is a funeral being held in Glen Huon right now for a little girl who was hit by a car last week. Maybe thats why there is a strange atmosphere. Mum just came hom eand said that there were crowds and crowds of people a the hall (she drove past). I didn't knwo the family - bu they actually live up our road somewhere - James and Amy know them - Jarod goes to school with her Brother. The funeral was open to all the school children too.

Kels and I are spending the day with Little Jarod - he is called "little" as there are two of them in my family - actually there are 4 all up - and Cassie is dating a fifth!! He is feeling sick and a bit sad I think too.

Ok better go do something!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Well I am not sure if this even will work but here goes!