Monday, March 23, 2009

Intoducing Eamon!

Well Eamon is now 9 weeks old and growing sooooo fast! He is just adorable and so placid and calm. He weighs over 6.5 kgs already - Kelsea didn't weigh that until 6 months so I am a little stunned! But we love his chubb! We are getting lots of smiles and a few laughs out of him now. kelsea loves him and smothers him with love. she is very gentle and sweet. telling him its all right in her best mummy voice ;)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Can you guess?

.....When this baby will be born?

.....What it will be?

.....What we will name it?

.....How big it is?


I know I really only write about kelsea - Thats coz she is the one that changes so much!

Here is a pic of her at Christmas.

Kelsea is not a big fan of sleeping. In fact she hates going to sleep with a passion. But she usually would sleep a night or two in a row just when we were going insane from sleep deprivation. BUT taht hasn't happened in along time and I think we are almost insane..!! We have tried a lot of different things but mostly I guess it is our bad habits and Kelsea's strong will that are the problem. Its hard to know what to do - with jsut two weeks before this baby comes I am just hoping she will figure out that sleep is great. Well I guess she will have to just get over it as feeding a new born every three hours is going to have to come first! Not taht I am too worried about night wakings this time - JAred and I are so used to beign awake at all hours and getting like 2 hours in a row. poor Jared is always so wrecked for work and has a constant headache that is more often turning to a migraine. but despite all this Kelsea is usually so chirpy and happy - we can't figure out where her energy comes from - we are like zombies and she is bouncing off the walls! and she has started saying "luz you mummy" and "luz you daddy" even my belly gets a cuddle and kiss and a luz you too!! oh the joys!!!

with her daddy on Christmas day at triffitt grandparents! kelsea had a great day - was a bit whingy coz she hadn't had much sleep but I was pretty impressed she wasn't worse! Lots of great food gorgeous weather and seemed like a hundred kids all running about!

2 weeks to go!

How fast and how slow this pregnancy has gone. Fast because I am so distracted by Kelsea and slow because i feel so tired and drained and sick all the time - just from heartburn/reflux. Here are a few photos courtesy of lorraine's NEW camera!!

this is me getting really fat. I actually keep thinking I don't look like that as from my perspective my belly isn't that big! But when i walk past people and bump them i guess i'm just not dealing with reality!!

So much happens in between my blog posts it is difficult to say them all!

Kelsea is getting older everyday. Her personality is so much fun to watch develop. She is very strong willed... very....! But also really sensitive and soft. She loves being a little mummy. And is often coming up to me if I am lying down saying "whats matter mummy? You k?" and "want tuggles? (cuddle)" She gets a hair brush and sits behind Jared on the arm chair and brushes his hair and says "that better daddy?" we often hear her walking around the house talking in this high falsetto voice to her dolls and "babies" saying there you go baby etc etc. its very endearing! She also loves to sing... a lot. Kels sings from the moment she is awake til she is asleep - which is rare - so we hear a lot of singing. turbo versions of old macdonalds farm and wheels on the bus. different lyrics to twinkle twinkle and I am a child of God - depending on the activity she is pursuing. Dancing and dressing up are other favourite games. And playing with her toy animals and prams and handbags where she has all her things... " thats uh sea's stuff mum!" mostly screwed up paper and bits of tupperware and little doo dabs!
Kelsea also loves to help Jared in the garden..........hmmm or hinder??? she keeps picking half ripe strawberries and little green tomatoes! I don't like tomatoes...there is just something about the texture that bothers me - but I LOVE the smell of tomato plants! like wet ashphalt and mown lawns and sea breeze....Anyway better stop this is getting a bit long. ! Having trouble with pictures.... so slow probably something about being to big or something I have no idea how to fix ;)