Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jack turns One

Can't believe how fast this year has flown by. This tiny little 6 pound something baby,

(Photo courtesy of Lisa King)

has turned into this cheeky-tantrum throwing-screeching-almost running toddler!

He is the sweetest little thing with a HUGE personality. He is turning into the bully of the family (stealing the title from his older brother) he will take things from Eamon who will in turn start crying and let Jack take them! Jack doesn't like to share his mum with anyone and gets very cross if the other two have a cuddle with me. He still wakes anywhere from 2 to 4 times a night - but is pretty good at going back to sleep after a feed and cuddle.

He started out so much smaller than his siblings but I have no doubt he will continue to stack on the chubb and attempt to rival his brother in the "brute" department.

Jack's favourite past times include making others laugh, opening the fridge and tasting anything that looks even slightly 'off ', destroying his sisters intricate games, eating rocks and all other cheeky pursuits.

We had a lovely day it was such a sunny one too! We started off taking a long time to work out that there was something IN the gift (the phone was more interesting)!

After that we headed to Hawley Beach for a play with church play group. Jakc LOVED the water and would have gone in to the deep water if not for his sisters watchfullnes and I was keeping an eye out too!
(Did you know there were mermaids at Hawley? Here are two sunning themselves on a rock!)

Then home for a bath and sleep before cake! Happy birthday to our beautiful baby!

We love Jack - he brings a lot of love and laughter into our home and we look forward to him being the 'peacemaker' that his baby blessing referred to!!

Sitting on "Old Pop's" Chair (Harry Triffitt), just before bed on his birthday - check out that face!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


"climb into your imaginary space ship, grab an imaginary wheel and steer, hold your breath for an imaginary moment and fly away from here" (Kasey Chambers)

I think my children were born with excessively vivid imaginations. I am really glad about it. they are good at playing lots of make believe games - and the older Eamon gets the more he is willing to 'join in' with Kelsea's elaborate games. Eamon will also play well on his own and tends to get into strife if left to get bored. He loves pretending to be a horse, dog, dinosaur (favourite), super (as in super giggle/super hoot), and riding his "fire" bike (not sure why its called that - perhaps it is a fire engine?). When he rides his fire-bike - he makes starting up noises as well as brmmmm etc.
{jumping his bike on the trampoline}

Kelsea has lots of different games she plays too. She loves to grab anything within reach and turn them into a family of people (could be sauce bottles, empty milk containers, hairspray - whatever is left out on the bench). Kelsea sets up elaborate shops ranging from hair dressers, to supermarkets, to cafes and bakeries. Both of the children love to play hospitals and set up tents and cubbies everywhere. I often hear this phrase from Kels "just pretend that..." like half a dozen times a day.

{a bakery}

{a water fountain}

{putting on a concert with Maddi}

Jack is starting to get into the playing stage - and though he isn't content to play much on his own ( he like me to hold him - a lot!) he prefers big kid toys and games - and well pretty much anything that is plugged into a wall - he especially likes to go for the plug when i am vacuuming or the kids aer watching ABC kids. and he LOVES the bright blue light of the computer! He is starting to be a climber - and gets into the dishwasher - climbs up stairs already and I am just wating for him to find his way to the deck and toddle off the high end! At the moment he bangs on the screen door as his brother and sister arce around the deck on their bikes. he seems to love the trampoline and isn't the least bit worried about being bounced around. I hope I get skinny running after him (as his is walking, power crawling).

{Playing row row your boat}

{Playing peak-a-boo}

I love that our children love to make games up and have so much fun in their imaginary worlds.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Oh give me patience when
Wee hands
Tug at me with their small


And give me gentle and
Smiling eyes,
Keep my lips from

Hasty replys.

And let not our weariness,
Confusion, or noise
Obscure my vision of

Life's fleeting joys.

So when, in years to come
My house is still -

No bitter memories its

Room may fill.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Celebrating Jared

Jared had his birthday this week, and as he said to me "its just another day", I thought we'd make it a little more special than the rest of the year! We started by letting dad have a little sleep in - til about 8:15 am until Kelsea HAD to wake him so he could have his presents!

Kelsea decided that the present dad would love the most would be a sparkle wand! So off to Toyworld we went and found the perfect one (til it was broken half hour later by the gift giver - "dad - I have some bad luck...)

The other present we found was a Gold panning kit - and a gold prospecting book. Those who know Jared well will know he has developed a slight case of gold fever and also got a metal detector earlier in the year!

We headed off to Anvers for breakfast - was supposed to be a surprise but one excited little girl told dad we were going to Antlers - then later spilled all the beans (also spilled the panning kit beans too!). It was a pretty yum brekky - he had a bacon and eggs (fancy style) and I had like 3 croissants with heaps of choc fudgy sauce that Eamon LOVED - got the kids some expensive fruit salads - Jack got nothin'! Anvers has a beautiful garden that we had a little play in before heading home.

Jared went looking for gold and 4WD- ing on his own - an dI spent the rest of the day in the kitchen making a cake - that well kinda fell apart and Kelsea saved it and turned it into a masterpiece - making chocolate mousse - and ribs with roasted vegie wedges.

{twas meant to be a windmill but Kels turned it into a seascape complete with seaweed and Strawberry fish!}

Think that Jared had a good birthday!

SOmething I really love about Jared is that he gets really passionate about things. He LOVES his newest car because of its ability to do anything, go anywhere and that it was really cheap so he doesn't mind taking it "bush". He loves taking it up ridiculous tracks that make Eamon scream (thats why he went on his own!) and I hold my breath and grab the panic handle, though I know he'd never roll us - it just feels like it!

{I went up this track with him and the boys - it was scarier and steeper than it looks plus there was a gully on our side!}

Another hobby of Jared's is Rock tumbling. He has always had a fascination with rocks and is always looking for them everywhere we go - he can tell you where each rock has come from (he has as many rocks as Lisa does photos! Ok maybe not that many!)

Recently I have started to see the beauty in the rocks too. We picked up a rock tumbler for a steal at $40 at a garage sale and he has turned the ordinary into the extrordinary - the photos really don't do the rocks justice. Jared has a particular interest in clear quartz and has lots of quartz in his collection, and has recently picke up some beautiful Jasper specimens as well. You will often see him pick up rocks and lick them to see what they will polish up like!

Kelsea has become his little apprentice and even has her own little collection of polished rocks. Jack also loves to pop them in his mouth and speed crawls over to the mat when he gets them out of the tumblers! Eamon loves to play with them too.

I love how differently we see the world - rocks would never have gotten much attention from me before I met Jared - but there is so much beauty in such tiny little things.

{a lovely piece of Jasper in the middle}

I guess life is always like that - you find beauty in the unexpected.

Happy birthday Jared

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Some Bright Celestial Day

I first met Noah when he was about 4 months old. He was the most adorable little baby. However I first heard of him just before Jared I began dating - our ward had been asked to fast for the King baby - and the name rang a bell. I guess the rest is history - Jared and I got married and I became Noah's Aunty! Lisa and Aaron worked tirelessly to ensure that Noah always had the best treatments for his health conditions and also so that he was included as a "normal" child in every way possible.

I think that this has always impressed me about the relationship Noah had with his family, he was involved in everything - from opening his presents to greeting new cousins - he was never forgotten on the sidelines - but included in as many family events and trips as possible.

{Check out Grandpas peace sign!}

Before Harri was born Lisa started training me up a little to help out with Noah when the baby was born - at first I was a little daunted but after a little practicing I got the hang of helping him have feeds and Meds (his grandma did most of it - i usually just was there to help :)) I also got to babysit him a few times on his own and loved having little chats with him. I think as Simone has mentioned once you start getting to know Noah - he gets you hooked - something about those big brown eyes and that cheeky smile he would give when you rubbed his chest! I remember one day i was watching the three boys for Lisa when she ducked out, and I was feeding the newborn Harri a bottle and Noah started doing this choking thing - wow I was stressing - quick I'm yelling to Jay who oh so casually goes and gets the tubes and bottle from the kitchen , without a blink as i am throwing the baby (not literally - well a little - sorry Hazza!!) onto the cushion and grabbing Noah (who was waaaay lighter then!) All turned out well - but my admiration for his parents grew about a thousand fold!

When Lisa sent us a text telling us that Noah was going into hospital - we didn't really worry - as he had been in a lot in his short years - but I called her an hour or so later and found out that things were much more serious. A little more time and a few texts later - we found out he was being flown to RHH Intensive care. I have no idea the stress his family felt and fear as they couldn't fly with him and hold his hand - I am certain it was amongst the longest of hours in their lives.

As the week went by we would check facebook - read blog entries and text or call to hear how he was doing - I kept having this feeling to go down to Hobart and see them all - kept putting it off to the weekend when we finally said - lets just head down. Lisa called us part way down and told us that Noah wasn't going to make it through the day. It was a bit of a shock for us - but Lisa did tell Jared on the Thursday that the doctors had told them to be prepared.

It was such a surreal feeling being at the Hospital with Noah and his beautiful family. There was so much love - the air was thick with it. And there was such tenderness between Noah and those who love him most. It was lovely that Di and Alison could also be there. I am not sure how long Di has been Noah's carer - but for so long I can't really remember her not being there - Jared and I call her Noah's 2nd Mum. The love she has for this sweet boy is so evident. We didn't take our kids in to see Noah - I regret this a little - but am mostly glad as I know how disruptive one in particular can be - and this was not a day for tantrums and fist fights. It was amazing to feel the difference between Noahs little room and the visitors lounge. In the room with Noah it was so peaceful and there was a spirit of reverence surrounding his space - even the little ones were quieter in there. It is humbling to be in the prescence of a Spirit that is surely bound for Celestial Glory. He inspires all who know him to strive harder to be better to love more and to have hope.

Jared and I anxiously awaited the time of his death, and when we both got texts at the same time - we knew he'd gone on ahead.

We will miss Noah and I am so glad that I got to spend so much time with him when he and I were younger!

It was so lovely to sit with the hundreds as his much loved family spoke so proudly and lovingly of their Noah, I was impressed with them all - they had the Spirit so strongly there - but i was particularly impressed with Harris sure hope in Noah's resurrection - what a faith filled little boy!

I loved all the music chosen for Noah's last gathering, especially the changed lyrics to I am a child of God - so moving.

I also loved the beautiful resting place for Noah, and the sweet send off with bubbles and bright balloons and happy childrens laughter and inquisitiveness.

We are so sad for Aaron, Lisa, Jay, Harri and Kobe - we love them all and hope that the days and weeks are kind to them and that the love and laughter they always have will forever remain and sustain them.

Noah - you rest in that well earned peace - til we all meet again "some bright celestial day".

Read more beautiful thoughts by those who loved Noah - Lisa, Chrish, Simone, Alison, Becky, Toni

Thursday, September 29, 2011

These Summer Days

So its not officially summer yet - its actually just the beginning of Spring - BUT we have been having the odd warm day that are teasing us into feeling like summer is here!

This is the most regular view of Eamon.

Kelsea asked me if she could be a model.

{Squeaking Point - September 24th 2011}