Saturday, November 12, 2011


"climb into your imaginary space ship, grab an imaginary wheel and steer, hold your breath for an imaginary moment and fly away from here" (Kasey Chambers)

I think my children were born with excessively vivid imaginations. I am really glad about it. they are good at playing lots of make believe games - and the older Eamon gets the more he is willing to 'join in' with Kelsea's elaborate games. Eamon will also play well on his own and tends to get into strife if left to get bored. He loves pretending to be a horse, dog, dinosaur (favourite), super (as in super giggle/super hoot), and riding his "fire" bike (not sure why its called that - perhaps it is a fire engine?). When he rides his fire-bike - he makes starting up noises as well as brmmmm etc.
{jumping his bike on the trampoline}

Kelsea has lots of different games she plays too. She loves to grab anything within reach and turn them into a family of people (could be sauce bottles, empty milk containers, hairspray - whatever is left out on the bench). Kelsea sets up elaborate shops ranging from hair dressers, to supermarkets, to cafes and bakeries. Both of the children love to play hospitals and set up tents and cubbies everywhere. I often hear this phrase from Kels "just pretend that..." like half a dozen times a day.

{a bakery}

{a water fountain}

{putting on a concert with Maddi}

Jack is starting to get into the playing stage - and though he isn't content to play much on his own ( he like me to hold him - a lot!) he prefers big kid toys and games - and well pretty much anything that is plugged into a wall - he especially likes to go for the plug when i am vacuuming or the kids aer watching ABC kids. and he LOVES the bright blue light of the computer! He is starting to be a climber - and gets into the dishwasher - climbs up stairs already and I am just wating for him to find his way to the deck and toddle off the high end! At the moment he bangs on the screen door as his brother and sister arce around the deck on their bikes. he seems to love the trampoline and isn't the least bit worried about being bounced around. I hope I get skinny running after him (as his is walking, power crawling).

{Playing row row your boat}

{Playing peak-a-boo}

I love that our children love to make games up and have so much fun in their imaginary worlds.


Carli said...

Love it! She is learning for life with all her play, I love that fountain!

Simone Triffitt said...

There's nothing better than watching your kids like that. So much better than the TV.

Vienna and Ricky said...

I too love to watch my kids at play... Sometimes when life is busy with three little ones you can forget why you had them close, then you see them play and the joy floods in and you know it is worth the thousand questions! My kids are about a year older then yours so I can say it only gets more fun. Sometimes I am sad that I have to stop the games so that Adalia can go to school

Anonymous said...

WOW kels is obviously a very creative minded little girl!