Friday, October 26, 2007

Grandpa Nastase's 80th Birthday

Last weekend Jared Kelsea and I flew to melbourne for my Grandfather's 80th. he was born in Romania and because the communists took over the country during the war he left (illegally) and crossed the continent til he got to germany. i actually think he was arrested in czechloslovakia. But anyway he ended up in a former POW camp in Germany that was transfomed into a refugee camp. There he met my grandma and married her. they looked like old time movie stars!! THAT explains my good genes!! LOL joke!
So after comign to Aus they eventually settled in Melbourne, where my mum and her older bros Peter and George grew up. So everyone flew to melbourne - well Danni and her lot drove - as did Catherine Levon and Abel. It was sooooooooooo hot for us poor tasweigens!! we are used to the cool tassie spring and it was over 30 degrees the whole time. Kelsea loved the plane - especially looking out the window when we were all tilted - she didn't like sitting still however!!
It was great to catch up with everyone and meet Abel who is abotu 8 months old - and already bigger than Kelsea! Grandpa loved the little ones and Kelsea really loved him too. We had a party at the Matthew flinders hotel - do not recommend staying there!! very noisy niteclub!
Ok i hear Kelsea beating up Grandma!! better go save Grandma!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

We did it!!

Kelsea has always beena terrible sleeper - every now and then she will sleep through the nigth - but she ALWAYS stops this as soon as it starts. Well we knew the main problem was she kept waking up for her dummy. Well yesterday Kelsea had a bad day - didn't want to eat - didn't want to sleep just unhappy really all day. ALst night was no different - at about 10:30 i got her up and gave her panadol thinking - well it can't hurt!! It has never really made her drowsy- so no good for sleep aid!! then i put het back to bed - after jared ansd i both trying to settle her - J ared made me stay out and let her cry it out - well i actually fell asleep!! and 1 and a half hours later so did she - THEN jared! she threw out her dummy and tshirt (like a blankie) so we thought Right! no more dummy. i threw them all away this morning....and she actually went to sleep - after only 15 mins of crying. so we finally did it. it is a little scary but also exciting - hopefully soon the little tacker will start to sleep!!! sorry now i think i lost the camera - so no pics....... shame 0- she is sooooooooooo cute asleep!!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Me and my daddy!!!

Kelsea loves her daddy alot. In fact the word that she says the most is dadadadada!! and daddy~! Even when she talks to me she calls ME daddy!! We discovered that Kelsea loves riding on Jared's shoulders

Kelsea also goes "running" into the bathromm whenever JAred is in the bath and screams at him and throws everything in the bath - she likes to slap his head too and gets a bit concerned when ever he washes out the shampoo. This morning when we woke up - JAred had left for work and Kelsea kept looking to his side of the bed and going dadadadada and laughing - coz she always attacks him!!