Sunday, April 13, 2008

oh dear it seems I have been a little slack!!!

Well its been such a quick year so far for us full of lots of intersestign times and things!
It would be impossible to write them all down here - but I'll jsut write a little of whats been happening!
Mostly jsut day to day living, Jared goes to work - comes home - sleeps - goes to work etc! and plays with Kels! We go on family trips some weekends - up teh NW coast. We are headign down south again soon and we are going the west coast way - maybe (kels in a car that long is an experience that i could prob do without!!) it si so beautiful down the west coast. When i was in UNI we went on heaps of field trips. once it wasa week long trip to Mt. Field and the surroundign areas. we got to see all teh cusion plants - which are amazing and so fragile - and we went to a place called Tim Shea which looked like a scene from Lord of teh Rings. Also to a little place called Growling Swallet - you hike through an ancient myrtle forest (HUGE TREES) and come to this deep cave with an undergroung river - and i guess it growls like a swallet (what do you think aTHAT is??) I also want to see the deciduous birch up in the mountains it is the only native one in tassie.......and it would look sooo pretty up there especially if it was snowing.

Kelsea is growign and changing and it so amazing to watch and we are so blessed to be part of her life. she is charmign and witty and really smart (don't we all think our kids are geniuses!!!) beautifula nd caring and affectionate, teh world is so interestign to her now. she loves discovering the world around her. she loves rocks and all things that can stow away in her many hand bags and buckets. the other day i found a pencil the dental floss, rocks and chalk and a little book in her bag!
She LOVEs Dorothuy the dinosaur...... i swore i would never let my kids watch teh wiggles - but now I must confess - it is sooo good - even i have watched Wally the Great many a time!!
Sleeping is erratic as always, eating is fussy and a strggle at tea time - most ends up on the floor - on purpose!!
Kelsea talks - alot - mostly in her own language - she is very expressive and sensitive.
she LOVES music and I think she is really good at singing and dancing
She helps with the jobs and loves to brush her teeth!!
ok gotta go!!