Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Time is here.

Well Christmas time is here again. We Started our season by going and "borrowing" a tree from some plantation. We tried to pick the fullest and nicest shaped pine tree - but they ALWAYS look better BEFORE you cut them down! But we were happy with it.

Kelsea loved getting into the decorations and even helped put some on the tree. With a hand from her daddy!!

This year we are down in Glen Huon for Christmas and it has ben sooooooooooooooooooo wet and cold!!!! FINALLY we finished our Christmas shopping and Mums lounge room is filling up - no doubt it will get fuller after Father Christmas comes tonight!!

kelsea loves being with her cousins again and it is even better this year as Stan and Lisa's newest addition Halle is here to help celebrate as well!

It is now after midnigh - so technically i is Christmas!!! Better go to bed before father Christmas finds me sitting here!!!

Oh Kels loves the cows and chooks here too - they are pretty tame and she isn't that worried by them!


Monday, December 3, 2007


For the last two weeks Kelsea has been attemptign to walk. The first time she walked 4 steps as I was holdinga bunch of teddys and enticing her to follow me. It seemed that she was takign a LONG time to just keep walking....she has amazing muscle tone... her calves are ripped!! She does squats all day whilst dancing but jsut wouldn't take many steps! ANY WHO! This weekend she jsut decided to do it! I think watchign Maddi gave her confidence and she jsut took off! She has already tried to start running - not so successful though!!
so cute and so sad my "baby" is now technically a "toddler"! Kelsea is the busiest child - always occupying herself - when not tired - mostly she likes to put things in things - for example putting our mobile phones in a glass that we have finished using - or putting little nativity pieces in her dump truck or bag. Aunty Lisa Watson will be glad to know that kels is startign to acceserize - she puts my hairbands on for bangles, puts on a necklace and carrys her bag over her arm - kind of like the queen does. Funny that she also waves like the queen...

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sleep overs and Christmas trees

I seem to blog alot about Kels and maddi!!
Friday night Nicki and I went to Sarah's tupperware party - well i had to "work" - so Grandma and Grandpa looked after the two girls. It was a great party - thanks Sarah! We had a relaxing night - til Sarahs oven started billowing out white puffy smoke - it si brand new and they could't figure out what ahd happened - the meat pies were still frozen!!! the girls were complete angels and went strtaight to sleep.
On Saturday night maddi stayed with Kelsea and I - Jared is STILL away!! Again maddi slept all night and Kels was awake all night - hmmmm i think she needs more "controlled" crying. Its anything BUT controlled!!! its so Funny - Lisa is out there tryign to get Maddi and Kelsea kissing!!! We are all puttimng up the Christmas tree!! yay blogged that before Lisa!!! see Lisa's see pics - and loads more details!!! The kids were all screaming and out of control!!! oh it was fun though.

Kelsea enjoying her first candy cane - care of Grandma!!

We are really missing Jared. It sux that he has been gone so long. After kelsea goes to bed it is really quiet. they have been working flat out to get it done.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Engagement Party, Baby Shower and Amy's Birthday/Housewarming Good bye daddy!!!

Wow what a full weekend we had last weekend!!
Jared Finished work at about 11am and we headed into Launceston. Let me just say - i really don't like Launnie. Its hot in summer and freezing in winter - but it does have lovely parks - and People!! it was so hot and sticky - and i had to go to Tupperware to get some, well tupperware!! it was good to finally head down south. We had a long drive - with kels not being very happy - she only slept for a little while and is now over the whole car thing! We got to mums at about 6 and pretty much had to head off to Uncle Ricky and Aunty Pam's for my cousin Cassie's Engagement party. it was a lovely night - one of those perfect tassie summer evenings when the sun doesn't go down til about 9 and you can smell all the hay beign cut and the river. Cassie's Fiance Jared is a nice guy - they look stunning together (will put pics on later - it is such a hassle for me as I am really slow at it!!). Cassie is such a sweet warm hearted girl and Jared is lucky to have her (i'm sure the reverse is true also!!) this will be Jared number 5 for the Watson Family!! Teh more teh merrier!

Ok the next day we had a baby shower for my sis in law Lisa. She is due in about 2 weeks. lots of people came - mums lounge room was packed - sorry no pics of this "lost" my camera again! Lise got heaps of pressies - some cute little knitted things - lots of nappies and all things baby - which are all so adorable!! We played a couple of games - a drinking one that amy one - no surprise there!! hehe joke - it was just cordial!

On sat night was Amy's bday and James, Amy, Jarod, Liam and ella's housewarming. We had a yummy bbq - Amy and James always put on a great feast! Heaps of laughs and good to catch up with people. Kelsea adores her three cousins - and they her - they just flock to Kels and she laps it up!! The party went on into the wee hours long after we headed back to mums place. Mum had the kids with her for the night. Lisa and I were chattign in their lounge till late then we wenrt to bed - mum said she fell asleep on the couch and Ella was still up playing - it was after midnight!! THEN Jarod had a blood nose and bled all over the bed (the kiddies were in her bed 3 in the bed and the little one said..... I can actually see ella pushing the boys out!!)

We headed home early Sunday - as jared had to go on the Boat sunday night to Melbourne - his bosses kidnapped him and still haven't returned him - he thinks now he will be there till next week!!!

I keep gettign tonsilitis and it is really annoying me - and it hurts too!!! But the doc said that I can't have them out - bummer.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Playing with Maddi

Since moving to Devonport, Kelsea has been lucky to have lots of "play dates" with Maddi Mae! The girls get on really well and it is great as both Nicki and I can do stuff without our little angels tagging along!
Kelsea bosses Maddi a fair bit - but Maddi seems to just take it in her stride! A lady at church commented that you can tell Kelsea is an only child (the "mine" attitude and bullying the other tots!!!) I hope she grows out ofS it! But it is great that she has a strong personality! The other day at Nickis the two girls were sitting in an armchair and Maddi had her head on Kelsea's shoulder - soooo cute - til one got kicked in the tummy and the other clawed!!

checking out kelsea's new bath toy

Kelsea EATING the rose petals!!

Kelsea and I have been spending heaps of time outside in our backyard. Kelsea LOVES picking and tasting all the pretty flowers! We have had a few picnics with me occasionally winning the leave-the-hat-on battle!! It is great when Jared comes home from work when we are outside - she just claps her hands and goes dada!!!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Hmm not too sure what to put here!

It is so much fun being the mum of a 14 month old. Kelsea is a joy to have around. it is even nicer now that she sleeps all night - til abtou 5 or 6 am anyway!! The other nigth we thought we would have home made fish and chips - so we went to Petuna seafood on the eastern shore and got FLAT HEAD!! yummmm my favourite. I actually am not a big seafood fan - hate lobster, prawns, scallops and all those slimy gooey things. But a nice piece of flathead goes down well. So i made wedges and salad to go with it and we were enjoying our meal when we look around and Kelsea has her hand deep in teh Tartare Sauce bottle!! squishing it between her fingers!! I wish I took a picture - but I was more concerned with cleanign her up - wish she wasn't already in her pjs!! It was so funny though!!
On the way home we dropped into Elissa and Aaron Woolleys' place..... for a quick visit. they have jsut ahd their 4th baby in 4.5 years!! Elissa is definately a supermum! When we got there she was washign up and mopping!! like a week and a half after givign birth!! She is a wonder!
Lisa King is a supermum too! She always has everythign under control (well looks to have!)
Ok better go stop beign anti social! I am actually at family tea!! Oh well Lisa will eb happy to see I have written another blog post!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Grandpa Nastase's 80th Birthday

Last weekend Jared Kelsea and I flew to melbourne for my Grandfather's 80th. he was born in Romania and because the communists took over the country during the war he left (illegally) and crossed the continent til he got to germany. i actually think he was arrested in czechloslovakia. But anyway he ended up in a former POW camp in Germany that was transfomed into a refugee camp. There he met my grandma and married her. they looked like old time movie stars!! THAT explains my good genes!! LOL joke!
So after comign to Aus they eventually settled in Melbourne, where my mum and her older bros Peter and George grew up. So everyone flew to melbourne - well Danni and her lot drove - as did Catherine Levon and Abel. It was sooooooooooo hot for us poor tasweigens!! we are used to the cool tassie spring and it was over 30 degrees the whole time. Kelsea loved the plane - especially looking out the window when we were all tilted - she didn't like sitting still however!!
It was great to catch up with everyone and meet Abel who is abotu 8 months old - and already bigger than Kelsea! Grandpa loved the little ones and Kelsea really loved him too. We had a party at the Matthew flinders hotel - do not recommend staying there!! very noisy niteclub!
Ok i hear Kelsea beating up Grandma!! better go save Grandma!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

We did it!!

Kelsea has always beena terrible sleeper - every now and then she will sleep through the nigth - but she ALWAYS stops this as soon as it starts. Well we knew the main problem was she kept waking up for her dummy. Well yesterday Kelsea had a bad day - didn't want to eat - didn't want to sleep just unhappy really all day. ALst night was no different - at about 10:30 i got her up and gave her panadol thinking - well it can't hurt!! It has never really made her drowsy- so no good for sleep aid!! then i put het back to bed - after jared ansd i both trying to settle her - J ared made me stay out and let her cry it out - well i actually fell asleep!! and 1 and a half hours later so did she - THEN jared! she threw out her dummy and tshirt (like a blankie) so we thought Right! no more dummy. i threw them all away this morning....and she actually went to sleep - after only 15 mins of crying. so we finally did it. it is a little scary but also exciting - hopefully soon the little tacker will start to sleep!!! sorry now i think i lost the camera - so no pics....... shame 0- she is sooooooooooo cute asleep!!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Me and my daddy!!!

Kelsea loves her daddy alot. In fact the word that she says the most is dadadadada!! and daddy~! Even when she talks to me she calls ME daddy!! We discovered that Kelsea loves riding on Jared's shoulders

Kelsea also goes "running" into the bathromm whenever JAred is in the bath and screams at him and throws everything in the bath - she likes to slap his head too and gets a bit concerned when ever he washes out the shampoo. This morning when we woke up - JAred had left for work and Kelsea kept looking to his side of the bed and going dadadadada and laughing - coz she always attacks him!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

New House

Well we have finally moved in to our new place. It is in Devonport and we are really excited to be in our own home finally. Kelsea has her OWN room and we are currently teaching her how to sleep - yet again! there have been lots of screams and tantrums but she is getting there - only woke up up twice last night - but was up at 5:45 am for the day!! But that is ok - i still got to go to sleep all by myself!
ANyway back to the house! THe kitchen is new and it has 3 bedrooms and a fire place. The back yard is all fenced in and large with lawn and lots of rose bushes. There is a HUGE shed/garage that Jared loves!! and a carport also.

The funny thing about moving is that something is bound to go wrong! Well our TV blew up about 2 days after we moved in - much to Jared's horror! (Oh well - he just has to talk to me now:) ) OH! and our move cost us $300 more than we awere anticipating - as a tree collided with the passenger side of the truck.......ahhh!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


yay have pics now - you will haveto scroll down as I have updated some posts!!


Kelsea is blessed to have many cousins!! she has 11 all up and 3 more on the way by next April!It is so wonderful for her to have lots of girl cousins - both our families have lots of boys in fact out of nans 39 grandkids, only 11 are girls! But Kelsea also loves her boy cousins and Jarod and Liam especially love her!! (they all do)! When Kels goes to visit the kiddies Liam is so sweet - he will take off his jumper or dressing gown and drape it over her shoulders or lap and go "there you go kels!!" Liam is 4, Jarod is 6 and Ella is 2. Jarod is such a big brother to her aswell as his own siblings - he is a fantastic help! Ella loves kels - but sometimes she will get upset and go "mine" "ellas" "not for Kels!" But then she makes up for it with hugs and playing with her!! ever goHere are some pics the night before we left Glen Huon
Straight after this photo Kelse fell head first off the couch - ouch!!

Horsing Around!!

There are two fantastic horses at Nanna's house!! Kelsea just loves to rides them, especially the yellow and green one!!

Mum found this rocking horse for $20 at a market in Glenorchy - bargain!! All the grandkids love it!!

Mother's Group

Kelsea and I have been lucky enough to attend a couple of Mother's Group activities with the Mums and kiddies from church (at Devonport). Kelsea loves the other Kids and loves all teh space and toys that are so different to her own! (the poor deprived girl has no bike!!!) These are a few pics that Nicki took of 4 of the girls !!

Starting at bottom left; Oifa (not sure if spelling is right!) and Maddi in conversation. And Kelsea and Azhure having a chat!! How cute! The 3 girls are all very close in age and will all be in Nursery together very soon!!

Notice how all the drink bottles are the same!! sheer coincidence!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Magic Cot

Sounds like a good title for a children's book hey!
But this magic cot lives at Grandma and Grandpa's house! It is clled the magic cot because it has this strange effect on unsttled babies - it puts them to sleep (well occasionlly anyway!)
We first discovered it was magic last summer when Eden and Steph brought Chloe to meet everybody. Prior to the cot she fed every hour or so around the clock. i think the first night in the cot she slept 13 or so hours straight. Not sure that that is still the case wit Chloe! Also The first time We moved in Kelsea slept all night. The reason i bring this up is because for the last two nights Kelsea has slept till about 7 am. she has woken a couple of times - had a bit of a scream then back to sleep. wow this is like amiracle for us!
Kelsea seems happier and so are we!!!

She is so excited to see Jared when he comes home - she looks up and goes "dada!" She is a real comedian.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's a beautiful day

It is such a beautiful day today - actually the whole week has been so summery. It is still officially winter until saturday - but I feel like going camping and hiking and swimming now!Yesterday i took Kelsea outside to placy on the grass - she hasn't really played on it for about 4 months - it has been a soggy boggy mess all winter. So she was a little unsure of it at first - but soon was plucking grass and eating it! We went out to pick the first of the daffodils - the really nice smelly ones - and as we were playing on the grass - Kelsea kept throwing her arms around me and giving me a big hug! It was so sweet!! (though today at Kmart she clawed my face and drew blood!!)
I also put her on Jarod, Liam and Ella's swing set - and discovered she is a dare devil! she LOVEd it! the higher she went the more she giggled!!

Kelsea on the swing set!

This photo was taken about Christmas time with Jarod, Liam, Ella and Aunty Amy. Still can't upload recent pics so this old one will have to do!

Monday, August 27, 2007


This afternoon as he was filling up the car Jared missed a call. When he checked his phone - it was Nixon - the guy who jared had the interview with! He thought "this can only be good!" so he ranga nd Nixon said - "well we want you on and we will start you as a 2nd year apprentice - you start in two weeks!" Well Jared was so excited - and he didn't even ring me! just told me when he came home!! He hasn't been able to wipe the smile off of his face! We are so excited. we both really like Devonport and are looking forward to having our own home! it is great to finally have some good news!!

Ok better go finish practicing how to make this tupperware cake - Kels is awake - and fretting a bit. she just had a 3 and a half hour sleep - if only that would carry on till the night time!

The weekend up North

This Last weekend we all went up north. Jared had a job interview in Devonport - and I had to deliver Nicki's tupperware - so we thought it was a good time to catch up (seeing as Kels jsut had her bday also!!) We got to Grandma's and Grandpa's quite late (for a little 1 year old anyway) so Kelsea had had a nap in the car and was wide awake at about 8:30! Everytime she sees grandma she goes really hypo - she was speed crawling and screaming her head off. It was Hilarious! So Kelsea once again really didn't sleep much! But the next day as usual she was happy as larry. JAred headed off to teh interview mid morning - and was in there for over an hour! he got reallly good feedback and the guys pretty much said - how much tiem will you need to pack and move -jared said well we only need two suitcases so we are there tomorrow! It sounds liek a great building company and he already knows two guys working there. About 2 ish the King clan came out - we had a nice lunch then we all went out to see the Lambs. Kelsea LOVES animals. the only thing is that whenever she sees a cow or lamb ior bird she just goes woof Woof!! apparantly anything that moves is a dog! Just a different sized one! The only animal that she differentiates with is Elvis the cat....she squeels for him!

On Sunday we went to Stake conference the to the Bluff at Devonport for Lunch. it was a lovely sunny day - with a chilly sea breeze. here are some pics that Lisa took.

Kelsea was a little unsure of teh slide when i slid her down it - but i didn't see jared hop on the slide with her - what a fun daddy! (lucky it was him i wouldn't have fitted!!)

thanks Lisa I love this pic of Jared and Kelsea!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Kelsea's 1st Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well Yesterday was Kelsea's FIRST Birthday. It was preceeded by one of her worst nights on record! But she woke (after FINALLY going to sleep with me at about 4 am) really happy and excited! All through the week Kelsea had been recieving special packages in the mail. Her first one came from Great Grandpa Nastase in Melbourne (mum went for a visit and came back with it!!) it was a mini keyboard that plays songs and is really loud and entertaining - Kelsea just LOVES it!! Then came presents From Aunty Danni, uncle Adam, Jake, Alex and Ethan - clothes and a cute pig/cow (can't decide!). then the day before TWO presents came! One from Uncle Eden, Aunty Stephannie and Chloe - two cute lady bug wooden toys - a shaker and a clacker(hmmm not sure if that is correct name!) Which Kelsea loves grabbing in each hand and dancing to the music she makes! Then came a Present from the King family! Clothes and a cute book.

So before her birthday even began Kelsea had heaps of gifts!! The night befored mum and I blew up heaps of balloons which tasted really toxic! And I am so glad that we did - Kels loved them. Other present that Kelsea got included a Beuatiful Quilt from Aunty Lisa and Uncle Stan, Aunty Amy, Uncle James and the kiddies got her a book a dressing gown and a huge white bear that hides her eyes!! And Nanna Got Kelsea a little Sofa and a book and some gollywogs!! Also books and clothers from Jess and Tyler.

wow - describing lots - but that is coz I can't put pics on!!! I made a Butterfly cake - which kels was not really interested in!! (she was gettign tired - and a bit over the whole thing by then!) We played pass the parcel - which was a lot of fun! So overall it wa s a great day and Kelsea had a blast - but got toooo tired - maybe a little sick fromt he icing!! I think day time parties may be the way to go.!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Huon River Flood

Well it has been raining for 3 days and nights now! And the Huon river is in Flood - you know one of those 10 year floods. the last time I remember it being this high - two of my cousins saved a bunch of sheep that were on their way to Heaven. The Glen Huon road has been closed from Huonville - and I think that they were going to close the Bridge tonight because they were afraid that as the tide comes in the water will go over the top! Years and Years ago like about 50 or 60 years ago when the old bridge was there - the flood waters were really high and a truck went over the edge - I'm pretty sure it was an Uncle or my pop's truck - but Stan reackons not (I AM older though - so therefore I would know BETTER)!!!
Anyways - the road was closed but we decided we couldn't be bothered going around the Judbury way (like a 20 min detour)!! So we just drove through - it cleaned the car nicely.
Sadly I think a horse was washed away the poor thing i bet it was petrified!! - there were about 50 ina paddock right on the river .
And mum informed me tonight that they saw a dead cow floating past the Mushroom farm. So glad that is NOT my drinking water!!
It made me think a bit about Noah and how pannicked the people must have been when te rain just wouldn't stop. Bet they wished they Believed old Noah hey!!

Kelsea is so funny now! She copies everything. tonight stan was trying to get her to say his name - she did - once... then just went babababababababa......she was also copying his tapping his bowl with his spoon.....very clever - she loves stan.

Kelsea's sleeping is sooooooooo unpredictable. One night, 10 hours straight ...the next awake every two hours.....then I give in and pu ther in bed with us.wea re in a doubl ebed and that makes for very coasy sleeping - seeing as Kels likes to spread out!! One benefit - Jared sometimes gets back rubs from Kelsea!! I finally go ther to drink a bottle of milk - milk milo anyway! for a while she just wouldn't drink - it was a bit of a worry!! I have finished feeding her now - she will be one in two weeks.

Sold over $1000 at a parety today - thanks Mel!!

Hopefully Photos to come!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

tupperware again!!!!

Well I have started the tupperware parties. I have done two now - both were really different. The first one at Nicki's had heaps of people and they all were very patient while i bumbled my was through the selling!! Hopefully Nicki will get some great stuff! The second party was at Louella Jury's place. this time I thought - i'm just going to throw away the notes and just wing it! and it worked - I also did a cookig demo - which was a really good selling point - i think 3 of the items I used were bought. I have one on Friday then theat is my kit paid off - I have a few mroe comin gup also - which is great!!
Kelsea is cryin g- so I better go and play with her!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sick and Tupperware

Kelsea has been really sick this last week. i don't know what with - I guess a virus of some kind. She had high temps till Friday and ever since has been REALLY cranky! She also has a rash - and keeps hitting her head - so maybe a headache too. It is awful - this is the first time that she has been REALLY sick - and I can't help her - only by giving panadol. Jared is sick too - and as he is sick when Kelsea is he doesn't get as much sympathy - slack I know! He has a really bad virus and stomach bug also i think. Kelsea just woke from a short nap - alot happier - thank goodness!

Yesterday was my "announcement" Tupperware party. It went pretty well - it was really hectic trying to organise everything before hand - as Kelsea was sooooooooo clingy and the house needed cleaning - plus Jenelle was trying to tell me stuff - and the food hadn't been prepared either! Luckily and thankfully Lauren showed up early and helped with the dishes and took Kelsea for me!! Then mum and nan did the food for me.
I was surprised that we sold $500 as only a few people showed up! i now have my starter kit and ALL the paperwork - there is oodles of it!! I have two parties on Friday then next tuesday and the following friday.

Ok I might go enjoy a happy Kelsea!

Oh yeah and last Thursday night we looked after Donna and Andrew's kiddies! We had a great time - apart from Kelsea being sick. they are so easy to look after and cute and funny too!! Olivia was so cute - when I left she was so upset - probably thinking - why does everyone keep leaving me????

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Not much happening

Not much happening here today. It is strange weather - really warm outside - which is a nice change from the freezing frosts that we have been having. But it is kind of eerie aswell! kind of like a thunderstorm is coming - or a twister or something.
There is a funeral being held in Glen Huon right now for a little girl who was hit by a car last week. Maybe thats why there is a strange atmosphere. Mum just came hom eand said that there were crowds and crowds of people a the hall (she drove past). I didn't knwo the family - bu they actually live up our road somewhere - James and Amy know them - Jarod goes to school with her Brother. The funeral was open to all the school children too.

Kels and I are spending the day with Little Jarod - he is called "little" as there are two of them in my family - actually there are 4 all up - and Cassie is dating a fifth!! He is feeling sick and a bit sad I think too.

Ok better go do something!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Well I am not sure if this even will work but here goes!