Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lisa - Woman of Grace

I have been watching Lisa as she is living through this with a smile for the other mourners, hugs for those who are crying for HER husband and I am reminded of another strong woman, Emma Smith. Both women have lost children, and buried their husbands in the prime of their lives, yet still remain standing through it all, not letting anything break them. It blows me away really, that strength and faith.

There is a song about Emma Smith and these are some of the lyrics that I think mirror the kind of woman Lisa is and her life at this time

"With the world on your shoulders, when the nights had grow colder, you seemed to weather every storm with a Queen's grace. When you lost your husband, and you buried your children, I think the angels stood in reverence as you prayed. How much can one heart take?"

I think that angels do stand in reverence around you Lisa. And you are full of grace. We love and admire you so much, and Jalen, Harri and Kobe are such wonderful strong, brave boys because of you and Aaron.